The Dundies were a huge hit (as expected)! The only thing that could've made it better was if the formalities of the wedding itself did not take up so much time so we could've had more playing time with them at the reception, which everyone did their best to maximize, and with the time they were given they absolutely crushed it. We wanted the night to keep going for as long as possible!! They were a major asset we are extremely glad we made the splurge on! Really grateful it worked out and hoping to get a chance to see them again in the future.


Mar 13, 2021

It was so amazing!! Daniella and I had the best time and our friends and family absolutely loved it. Everyone had a blast! I didn’t want to leave! Thanks for all your help and for being flexible with rescheduling our entire wedding!


Oct 18, 2020

Yes the party was absolutely perfect and the band was awesome! Tell Danny I sent some pics to his Facebook page of the band that we got from the party !!! I couldn’t have been happier! I danced the whole night 💃


Oct 16, 2020

The Dundies put on an amazing show for our wedding! We cannot be more thrilled! They were loved by all including the venue staff! Thanks for all your help!


Sep 05, 2020

the Dundies—specifically Danny—and the guitarist with the beard but Danny especially—salt of the earth—rockstars—-they gave us the most epic wedding and they are rockstars in every sense of the word and they are also kind and thoughtful and generous and you are so lucky to have them on your roster. They are the best decision we ever made, my cousin wants to hire them and fly them down to Florida for his wife’s 40th birthday and I am going to sing their praises until the end of time. They were amazing. We are en route to Jamaica for our honeymoon so I will write more later but I had to respond to you to tell you that those four guys are unbelievable and the sky is the limit for them. But I hope they never change bc they brought so much joy to us on the most important and memorable day of our lives and I can’t think of a better way to make a living than doing what they did. You could see they love it too-they really care. Thank you and thank them.

-Kate M.-

Sep 28, 2019