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ECE Touring, a division of ECE, has been working with performing arts venues and universities for over 25 years, providing outstanding artists who engage with audiences and communities both on and off-stage. We know your role is to provide quality, well-rounded programming for everyone in your locale. We also know how important it is for each show and experience to leave a positive, lasting impression. We promote artists that will sell tickets, promote your date on their channels, get rave reviews, and have your audience asking for a return performance.

We proudly represent artists in all categories, from comedy and dance to theater and music. No matter who your target audience is, ECE Touring is guaranteed to offer something that will keep audience members coming back time after time. We take pride in our exceptional service and understand that you desire more than just a transaction. You seek a collaborative partnership that understands your artistic and commercial mission. If you haven’t worked with us yet, we’d be honored to have the opportunity!

For 25+ years, ECE Touring has provided exceptional artists for top venues and universities. With shows for all ages and capacities, we offer kids/family shows, educational outreach, musical theater, comedy, dance (ballet, hip-hop, tap, Irish, and shadow-dance), and diverse music genres. Collaborate with us to create unforgettable shows your audience will talk about for years to come!

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Our Entertainment Options are sure to exceed your expectations

Hiplet Ballerinas

Hiplet™ fuses classical pointe technique with African, Latin, hip-hop, and urban dance styles that are rooted in communities of color.

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Mike Super Magic & Illusion

Fresh off of YET ANOTHER Network TV Series, Mystifier Mike Super captivated millions of ticket buying fans once again! In fact, Mike Super is the ONLY magician in the Arts Market that offers you the box office credibility of TWO NBC TV NETWORK SERIES! That's right! TWO!

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Big Bang Boom

Big Bang Boom is a pop/rock music group from Greensboro, NC that plays parent-friendly children's music.

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