The wedding was perfect and I cannot TELL you how many compliments Loose Chain. Everyone at the wedding was asking the bride ""where did this band come from????"" and she would say ""I don't know, Anne got them""..........there were also outsiders - Yacht Club members -who came over and sat on bluff to listen to them. Then one of the members wanted their information. I just gave them your name at East Coast. But they rocked the night away and were really incredibly awesome!!!! I told Reggie he needed to go up on his price and he said he already had - LOL!!!!!!! They also are so adaptable and easy to work with! "

-Anne B. -

Wedding Planner
May 22, 2021

Just wanted to reach out and tell you how much we enjoyed Loose Chain band. They were amazing. 5 stars would not be enough, definitely deserve 10 or more. So many of our guest said best band they ever heard. I wish I would have gotten their business cards because when we left the hotel the next morning people recognized us with all of our stuff and I handed out information to more than one couple who were not guest at our wedding but heard them play. I gave them the band and your information. Thank you again for your help. Highly highly recommend.


Nov 28, 2020

We booked the band for our daughters wedding rehearsal reception this past weekend. They were awesome and beyond our expectations. They were fun , professional and every quest complimented how good they were and best they had heard. Several of our daughter friend have asked for the bands information ! We didn’t want the night to end. Thank you for fantastic evening !!


Jun 20, 2020

Incredible band! Hands down the favorite part of our wedding reception. They did a fantastic job of entertaining the crowd while also getting everyone on their feet and dancing. We had several guests ask us who they were and showed high interest in booking them for their next event. Highly recommend them in the future! Very professional too.

-Amanda G-

Sep 28, 2019

They were AWESOME!! They made our party so much fun!! Thank you so so much!

-Andrea Q.-

Apr 20, 2019

My wedding weekend went amazing😊 and Loose Chain was awesome as expected!! They were definitely the best part of the weekend besides marrying my husband I guess haha. Will definitely recommend to my friends in the future! And thanks for following up.

-Christa M.-

Apr 13, 2019

Excellent performance for our holiday party. The entire band was very interactive, sang and played sax right there on the dance floor. Music choices were very flexible to the liking of our guests. I loved the touch of rap in many of the songs. Top notch artist group - everyone loved them!! Highly recommend adding the sax player he was very talented :-)


Holiday Party
Dec 14, 2018

Hi!! It was the best!! Loose Chain was just the best! Thank you!!

-Meg K.-

Oct 13, 2018

Reggie and the band did a great job Saturday night. We certainly appreciated their hosting of our reception from the stage. They were easy to work with, played graciously, and connected well with our guests. My daughter and my now son-in-law were very happy with it all. Thanks so much for your help in the administrative end of this. We look forward to possible events in the future at this event space I now have at the airport on Saint Simon Island.

-Larry W.-

Aug 19, 2017

Band was amazing, they took great care of us and everyone loved them.  I think Loose Chain appreciated the bride's brother's dance moves more than anything else that happened that night, you'll have to ask them about it :)

Thanks for all the help for us on this.


Oct 29, 2016

Could not have been better music last night! As mother of the bride I want to thank you for going above and beyond to make the evening so special and so much fun for all of us on this special occasion.  


Mother of the Bride
Aug 13, 2016

Hey Kevin, Sorry for the delay - we just got back from our honeymoon:)  Thank you for checking in. We absolutely LOVED Loose Chain!!! Not only did we love them and they made our wedding night, but EVERYONE has gone on and on about how amazing they were!! Best band ever. Please let them know how pleased we are with them! I will highly recommend them in the future.


Wadley, Georgia
Oct 10, 2015

Loose Chain was "off the chain!"  Reggie and the rest of the band were incredible.  I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to have a great time.  Multiple people asked us, "Where did you find these guys!?  They're awesome!"

Thanks again for all of your help.

Have a great week!


Jacksonville, Florida
Oct 03, 2015

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  They made the wedding... Such a great band!  Thank you for everything.


Davidson, North Carolina
Jun 27, 2015

Hey guys wanted to let you know how you made the Wedding such a great event

I have never seen a party where the dance floor was packed the entire night

Music, singing and interacting with the crowd was awesome

Thanks again for making it a night we will never forget!


Father of the Bride
Atlanta, Georgia
May 02, 2015

Loose Chain was the best band for our wedding, they did a great job of keeping the dance floor busy all night. They can play everything, so you will not be disappointed with them for any type of music. They stuck to the genre of music we wanted, and surprised us with some other great songs. They also did a great job with their set-up, and the whole night was seamless with them. We saw some of our friends a few weeks later and they remembered the name of the band and kept talking about how great they were. That is pretty good for your guests to still be talking about the band!


The best band for our wedding!
Buford, Georgia
Oct 18, 2014

We have had Loose Chain play at both our sons weddings. They will also be playing at our daughters wedding, when the time comes. The Hyatt was a large venue and the Huguenot Loft was a smaller venue. Yet, each were perfect fits! The band does an excellent job of getting all involved in the dancing. Reginald is simply amazing...he will get the oldest senior adult to the youngest toddler dancing, singing and having fun! I can't brag enough about Loose Chain. Whatever the event, get them! We still have people talking about our weddings. Even the one back in 2010!!


Father of the Groom - Twice
Greenville, South Carolina
Apr 19, 2014

Loose Chain was great!


University of Georgia School of Business
Apr 12, 2014

They were great! We loved them and so did all of the guests.

Such great guys to work with. They made everything so easy for us!


Wedding Planner
Mar 08, 2014

I attended the Dahlke/Laney wedding in Santa Rosa, Florida. I absolutely LOVED Loose Chain! FABULOUS!


Wedding Guest
Aug 10, 2013

Good morning. The number of our guests that raved about their performance was uncountable. They were fantastic with the entire crowd and had us all moving and dancing all night long. They accommodated all of our requests and did so graciously. Truly professional and fun group of musicians. Thanks for all of your help and I will spread the word.


Country Club Event
Jun 22, 2013

The band was great! EVERYONE wanted to know who they were, and how to get them for parties. I shared with everyone how to find them. They honestly made our reception unbelievable! THANKS TONS!!!!!


Macon, Georgia
Jan 01, 2013

Loose Chain was great, very professional and totally entertaining. They did a wonderful job getting everyone on the dance floor and played something for everyone. Probably the thing they did the best was gear their sets according to the mix of the crowd, earlier in the evening they featured more oldies and as the older crowd left they started adding in the rap - the kids loved them. I would use them again in a heartbeat.


Debutante Ball
Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 01, 2013

Loose Chain was excellent! The band was much better than anything we expected. Many of our guests commented on how great they were. Reggie is an unbelievable vocalist; and, he kept everyone at the reception on the dance floor from 7 until 11. We were very pleased with them, and hopefully it will lead to more business for them and for EastCoast Entertainment.


Wedding Client
Jan 01, 2013

Just wanted to let you know how much of a hit Loose Chain was at Alyson's wedding reception. The folks loved them and many asked how to book them. I told them after my cut, to call you. Reggie was great in working the crowd and getting them up and on the dance floor. He even serenaded the grandmothers and other elderly guests. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. Thanks for your assistance.


Father of the Bride
Jan 01, 2013

Stihl Products was very happy with the band Loose Chain for the Christmas party. They did an excellent job and they interacted great with the crowd.


Corporate Christmas Party
Tampa, Florida
Jan 01, 2013

LOOSE CHAIN WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Everybody loved them and we all had a great time. It was cold, but the guys in the band seemed to adapt. All of them were so friendly and upbeat and got the audience involved. Some of these old bankers even got up and line danced!

I will definitely recommend them, in fact, several people asked last night how to book them, etc. You also were most helpful, and I will certainly call you again. Thank you so much.


Corporate Party
Jan 01, 2013

In my business, we entertain customers that expect upscale entertainment. At some of our events we've booked The Temptations, Louise Mandrell, Marie Osmond, The Platters and many of today's top convention acts . Loose Chain takes a back seat to none of these groups! They played to the audience, they had fun and most of all from grandmas to babies-They all got down! Their pace was unbelievable and they worked very hard. I know they traveled a great distance but everything went like clockwork. Even the resort commented on their professionalism.
I would recommend them to anyone and will personally book them again. My only suggestion (now that my event is over) is that you don't charge enough for this talented band. Thank you again. We will never forget that night with Reggie and Loose Chain!


Corporate Event
Jan 01, 2013

Loose Chain was INCREDIBLE! Not only were they wonderful crowd pleasers, their crowd involvement did not go unnoticed and was loved by all! I can't imagine having any other band play at our wedding! We have recommended them to all of our friends getting married in the next year. And, as my husband and I would say, they were the "bomb dot com." :) Thank you for everything,


May 12, 2012

Y'all were amazing last night! No one can stop talking about how fun, talented, and amazing you were!! You truly made my wedding so memorable! I can't wait to see you guys again at another event!! Thank you soooo much!! :)

-Kristen and Jason-

Bride & Groom
Apr 07, 2012

Loose Chain was absolutely fantastic!! Then played on Friday evening, Oct. 21 for the rehearsal dinner dance we hosted. Reggie Ware and his band were the BEST - everyone was raving about the band. They had everyone out on the dance floor the whole evening. At one point, Reggie had all the bridesmaids (12 of them!), the mother of the bride, mother of the groom (me) and the bride on stage dancing to Proud Mary. Reggie mingled with the dancers during several numbers and had people singing along with him. Many people told us it was the best rehearsal dinner and evening they had ever been to - and I know that Loose Chain made that possible.

We would recommend Loose Chain to everyone. The bridesmaids wanted to do a "flash mob" surprise for the bride and groom to Beyonce's Single Ladies. Even though it wasn't on their play list, Reggie was so accomodating - using our I-Pod for the song and working with us in advance to make sure it was a complete surprise for them.

Reggie always returned my calls promptly and emails, too, so I was completely comfortable that he had everything under control.

Not only would I completely recommend Loose Chain, but also EastCoast Entertainment to anyone. You gave us several bands to choose from that fit our needs and made the whole process easy and fun. Thank you again for making the evening such a success for us. It was a wonderful way to begin a wedding celebration weekend. Thanks again for absolutely everything! - Warm regards,


Rehearsal Dinner
Oct 21, 2011

Dude, these guys killed it for us! Their energy was unreal, everybody was talking about the band and how much fun and interaction was going on. We can't thank you and Loose Chain enough for making this night a truly special night. - Thanks again,


Jun 11, 2011

I just wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL job Loose Chain did at my August 6th wedding. Taylor (my husband) and I danced all night as did everyone else. I had so many people asking me about them and I've even had a number of people call me about them. They were fantastic and really made our wedding so memorable for us. They were so easy to work with and I just want to say thank you. Please let them know that we had a blast and we are spreading the word about them all over the place. Also, thank you so much for all of your help. I know brides can be difficult to deal with and I appreciate everything you have done.

-Elizabeth Floyd-

Aug 06, 2009

Loose Chain performed at my wedding July 5, 2008 at the Marrietta Country Club. Loose Chain was the most unbelievable band. My wife and I couldn't imagine having a better band at our wedding. They played music all night that everyone enjoyed from my grandparents to my rowdy friends. I would recommend Loose Chain to anyone wanting an exciting band that will truly make the night special. Several of my friends are already requesting Loose Chain for their weddings next year. I saw on your website that Loose Chain updated their video. They shot almost all of it at my wedding and I wanted to see if there is any way that I could get a copy of it? We really enjoyed it and everything was perfect. If you could let me know about the video we would really appreciate it. Thanks.

-Rob and Pamela-

Bride & Groom
Jul 05, 2008