I have always had a deep passion for music. Music was a big part of my childhood growing up. All of my family members had a different taste in music, so I appreciate all different genres and types of music. Even as a child, I could name most songs or artists after only hearing a few beats or lyrics. While I was in college I started working for a mobile DJ company and fell in love with it. I haven't looked back since. Needless to say, music is my life now. Over the past 10 years I have worked for 2 professional entertainment companies. I have recently started my own. This has given me the opportunity to work almost every type of event. I have done birthdays for ages 8 to 80, school dances, college parties, you name it. I was the DJ/Emcee for 20+ weddings last year alone. Parties? Please, I live in a college town. I do several parties and college events every year. I even perform weekly at a local bar, Main Street Tavern. If a party is what you want, I can definitely deliver. My database has almost all the hits from the 1940s to today's hottest new songs. I can accommodate any age group or genre. Also, in most cases, if certain songs have fallen through the cracks, I can access my online database and download whatever you need.