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Your wedding is a significant investment of both time and money. Working with an agency saves you both. Professional agents are trained to quickly guide you through the maze of wedding entertainment options, navigate the specific details of your big day and provide answers to all of your questions. Additionally, booking your entertainment through a reputable agency protects your investment by safeguarding it should something go awry. How does one find a reputable agency? In the entertainment world, the internet allows some inexperienced and unprofessional companies or individuals to look as though they offer the same services and protection as well established, legitimate booking agencies. Be sure to check the agency's credentials and referrals before you start working with them.

To put it simply, ECE knows wedding entertainment. We should since we’ve been delivering the most memorable wedding experiences for the past forty years! Our entertainment consultants are trained to take the vision you have for your big day and match it with the perfect entertainment. We have relationships with over 8,000 artists – from solo musicians to epic 22-piece party bands – which allow us to provide unique and custom entertainment options for our clients. Not only do we work with the most talented musicians in the country, they are also the most professional and understand exactly what it takes to make your event go smoothly both on and off the stage. ECE has the experience, geographic presence and resources to help you make your wedding memorable and stress-free. With local offices, regional resources and direct relationships with the country’s top venues and wedding planners, our consultants can easily help you navigate the process of booking entertainment. While there are certainly other entertainment booking agencies out there, no one in the industry can match the experience and the personal touch ECE offers to all of our clients.

ECE has access to thousands of entertainers- from solo musicians and DJs to bands of all sizes and genres. The possibilities are endless. From your engagement and rehearsal parties to your ceremony and reception, we can do it all. At ECE, we are your personal talent buyers. We can discuss the atmosphere you want to create, the guests you want to entertain and match them with available options under the budget you have projected.

Probably the single biggest misconception to working with an entertainment agency is the notion that the price you pay is higher than it would be if you booked your entertainment directly. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! ECE represents an exclusive artist roster that’s thelargest of its kind. Since you’re going directly to the source (the exclusive Representing Agent), we’re able to offer you the lowest price on any exclusive artist we work represent. Also, because this is what we do all the time, our agents have more buying power than the average individual who is new to buying entertainment and unaware of what fair, honest pricing looks like. This gives us the ability to offer the best prices on non-exclusive artists and you the best possible pricing. ECE has booked so many events that our buying power for you is exponential. Even better, we do all of this while paying attention to every detail of your event.

The Details

Either give us a call or send us an inquiry through our website. Once we receive your inquiry, one of our professional consultants will be in touch soon to discuss your event. This initial consultation has no charge or obligation, and allows us to ask a few relevant questions so we can make recommendations that fit your needs. After our conversation, we’ll send a proposal with recommended entertainers. The proposal will include promotional information for our recommendations including client reviews, song lists (if applicable), pictures and multimedia clips. The proposal will also include a price quote for each option, based on fees the artist is willing to accept without negotiation. Your consultant will help you determine if a lower price is available and negotiate the best possible price for you. Once your selection and pricing is finalized, we’ll create your contract. When you sign the contact, it’s returned to us with a 50% deposit to finalize your agreement. It’s that simple.

We recommend you begin your entertainment research as soon as you have set a firm date for your wedding. The more time you allow, the more options you’ll have to consider. The best entertainment gets booked the quickest- sometimes a year or more in advance. We always have great options available, but as the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.” Don’t wait!

There are great entertainment options in just about every price point. Give us a call and we’ll help you determine what options are available to you.

We take great pride in providing all of our clients the most accurate information possible. There are no hidden fees when you work with ECE- you know the bottom line cost from the beginning. For most entertainers, the price quote is almost always inclusive of all costs (with the exception of lodging when required by just a few of our artists). Bands generally have riders that provide the technical provisions necessary for their performance. These provisions (power, stage, etc.) are included in your venue rental agreement. Providing the artist with a dressing room plus meals/ refreshments is probably the only additional cost you may incur. Other items such as early set-up, overtime or additional musicians are optional.

Yes! One of the primary reasons people use a professional agency like ECE is for customer service. Our company never sleeps! We are open 24-7 to assist you with your needs, questions or concerns. If anything occurs, you can rest assured that an ECE agent is only a phone call away.

Tech Talk

Pricing for artists varies on a number of factors- location of the event, length of engagement, additional services and much more. Even the time of year and day of the week can impact pricing; for example, a busy Saturday night event in October may cost more than a Tuesday evening event in January. Because there are so many variables, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact price range for everyone. Please don’t be shy in reaching out with pricing questions. We work daily with budget brides, platinum brides and everyone in between! An ECE agent can take all aspects of your event into account and point you in the direction of amazing artists who fit within your price range.

The song lists for artists on our website are meant to be a good overview of the types of music a band or artist plays most frequently, but are considered partial. All of our bands are constantly learning and adding new material to their lists. If you can’t find a specific song you have in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean that band doesn’t know it. Plus, most all our bands will learn at least one special song for your big day.

ECE has a database of over 8,000 entertainers and not all of them are featured on our website. If you don’t see an artist (or type of artist) you’re interested in on our website, please call us. Chances are we are familiar with the act you are interested in and can access information about them for you.

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