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Ted Hall

Ted Hall, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, has brought vision, power, hope, persuasion and commitment to the music industry, leaving a impressive footprint over a career that has spanned nearly five decades and showing no signs of slowing in the near future. His career as a talent agent began when he booked his first band at the age of 16. Soon after that, during his first year in college, Hall opened a successful talent booking agency "Hit Attractions" in 1960. During the first four years of operations, he successfully ran the business out of his apartment before dropping out of college to pursue a full fledged career in the music business.

"Hit Attractions" continued to grow over the 31 years that followed. Hall developed the company into what became the largest regional agency in the country. On any given Saturday, "Hit Attractions" had over 50 bands performing at venues ranging from College Fraternities, Sororities, Country Clubs, etc. from Boston to Baton Rouge to Tampa to Cincinnati and everywhere in between.

"Hit Attractions", employing at least 10 others, promoted shows at local venues such as Park Center, Charlotte Coliseum, etc. as well as large venues in other neighboring cities and booked artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Supremes, and a variety of other Motown, soul and popular beach acts such as Chairman of the Board, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, The Clovers, The Del Vikings, The Fantastic Shakers, The Catalinas, The Embers, The Rivieras, Band of Oz,.. the list goes on.

In the late 60s, Hall discovered Kenny Mann and Liquid Pleasure and built their careers from $250/night club dates to $10,000/night powerhouse performers whose names are now prominent throughout the United States.

Ted has received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the Beach Music Hall of Fame in 2009. After 31 years of brilliant success, Hall decided to merge his company with EastCoast entertainment in Charlotte. Hall currently books entertainment globally.

As an avid sports enthusiast, Hall holds season tickets to the Panthers and Bobcats games, Broadway Light plays and the Charlotte Opera. Additionally, he is an avid reader and frequents the movie theatres, enjoying a variety of cinema.

Hall has four children from a previous marriage and has been blessed with nine grandchildren. While Ted has the experience, passion, knowledge, power and freedom to pursue virtually anything he desires!

My main goal with every customer is to give them the best product for the lowest price. I work with each client from the beginning of the selection process to the followup after the event.

I want every customer of mine to be 110% satisfied with their event which hopefully will lead to future business with them and lead to many referrals from them.

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!! Look forward to hearing from you!

- Ted Hall