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The Knotty G's

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The Knotty G's is a soulful roots rock group formed in Asheville, North Carolina by Chuck Knott, a Delaware native and “Jill-with-a-G Henry” of Ne...

Mars Licciardi

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From Chicago Illinois, Mars Licciardi has been a full time guitarist, songwriter, singer and musician since the age of 18. With his passion and love f...

Mike Huffman Red Piano Show

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As a skilled, yet self taught pianist/vocalist from Toledo Ohio, Mikes musical career began at the age of 14 when he received his first paid perform...

Madd Jazz

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Madd Jazz is a young family trio from Miami, FL playing fresh takes of jazz, funk, and pop classics. They play either as an instrumental group or with...

Sandy Herrault

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Perfect for a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour, winery or breweries, and corporate events  Can perform music for audiences of all ages - clas...