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Since 1976, ECE has grown to become the largest full service  entertainment agency in the country. We produce events and arrange all types of entertainment throughout the United States and beyond. 

Our Corporate Team is the glue that holds ECE together and we’re always looking for new talent to grow with us. From accounting and HR to marketing and IT opportunities, find your niche here!  


Our mission at ECE is to provide unforgettable entertainment for the most memorable events of our clients’ lives. We do this multiple times every single day and, yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. The ECE workplace is one where challenges are welcome, creativity is championed and possibilities are endless. 

In addition to standard perks and benefits like health insurance, retirement benefits and paid vacation days, ECE recognizes that life goes on beyond our office walls. The ECE work/life balance initiative strives to create harmony between company commitments and family/personal commitments—and, ultimately, create happier, more productive and well-rounded employees. 


We are always searching for new talent to join our team. In addition to experienced professionals, we continuously seek energetic recent grads whom have the ability to inject ECE with new ideas and positive outlooks.

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