Event Details

WHAT: Corporate Mardi Gras Party
EVENT DATE: January 17, 2013
CLIENT: Sporting Goods Company
TYPE: Corporate Event
Speed Painter
Musical Impersonators


Agent Details

Jenny Langer
2221 South Clark Street
Arlington, VA 22202


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A large international sporting goods company wanted their next employee appreciation festival to be even more out of the box and fun than the previous year's, but didn't exactly know what they wanted. With the help of ECE agents, the concept of a Bluesy Mardi Gras party was created.

The world's fastest speed painter, Rock DeMarco, kicked off the show, captivating audiences as he transformed a blank canvas in 7 minutes into a portrait of the Blues Brothers. Suddenly, police alarms rang through the party, and from behind the stage emerged Jake and Elwood Blues - The Blues Brothers!

The performers had employees singing along, dancing in the aisles, and jumping on stage to be a part of the show. What a blast! Now the only problem is how to top this fun employee shindig next year!