After graduating from East Carolina University in December of 2018 with a BS in General Business, Carter made his way back toward his secondary hometown of Charlotte, NC. Carter was raised in Munich, Germany before he came over to the states in 9th grade attending Ardrey Kell High school. Soon acting for Film and Television started embarking on his career path. After being featured in some films such as American Animals and The Price of Journalism or for Television, It’s Supernatural, Carter decided to pack up his bags, leave his friends behind and move to Hollywood, California as an Actor.

He came in contact with Doug Daniel through mutual friends and thought ECE would be a perfect fit for him with all of his entertainment experience and visions. Carter has a prodigious passion for the ECE mission and how the company works while being able to enjoy a good time at work and a night out on the town with his buddies. When he’s not helping out around the office, you will most definitely find him in his acting studio at home jamming to some Beethoven or Frank Sinatra while cranking out scripts to send to his representatives in Atlanta, Georgia.