A native Charlottean, Charlie Baldwin always wanted to play the electric guitar. But his more traditional-minded parents insisted that he take piano lessons instead. They then loosened a little and arranged for him to take lessons in classical guitar - which was not at all what he was talking about. Finally, the year he turned 10, his parents relented, and Charlie at last began taking the electric guitar lessons he'd been craving. It was love at first sight, and a passion that has endured.

As an adult, his love affair with the guitar led Charlie to a five-year apprenticeship as a luthier, where he learned not only how to tune and repair stringed instruments but also how to create, build and delight in all the many components of each one.

In his late 20s, Charlie decided to head west and pursue his passion for guitar even more seriously at The Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music in Los Angeles. There he was rumored to have been the only musician who had ever shown up prepared and on time for every single 9:00 class, year after year. Having attained his Associate of Arts degree in Guitar Performance and having performed across California and Arizona, Charlie moved back east and is now performing at various venues in the Carolinas.

He is excited to now be a part of the professional team at ECE and is looking forward to getting to know and work with their astounding array of talent who share his passion for music. He is also glad for the diversion ECE provides from his other full-time job of attending the weddings of every single one of his friends who seem to get engaged every other weekend these days. In his spare time, Charlie likes to cook, check out the dozens of breweries that open every month around town and see as much live music as he can.