Hello, New York City!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of ECE’s fourteenth office — in New York City! While we have been working in the NYC area for decades, we are excited to become a permanent, local resource for the region’s top entertainment. Spearheading this endeavor is Long Island native, Kaitlin Sweeney, who has been a fixture in the region’s … Continue reading Hello, New York City!

The Special Event Conference

Don’t you love those days when you get to break out of the ordinary? Whether it’s a morning meetup with a client at a new coffee place or attending a wine down networking event after hours, shaking up the daily routine can really stir creativity. Earlier this week, I was in Orlando attending The Special … Continue reading The Special Event Conference

ACC Championship FanFest

Anyone who has ever been to an outdoor music festival knows how much fun they can be. The energy and excitement of the crowd is electric as the artist takes the stage and gives a blowout performance. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make this type of event a killer success? Doug … Continue reading ACC Championship FanFest

Winner Winner: 2016 Wedding Wire & The Knot Awards

It’s no surprise that we love weddings. Last year alone, we booked entertainment for roughly 2,500 wedding-related dates! From engagement parties to the after parties, we made some amazing connections with truly wonderful couples. A LOT of fun was had! Whether it is an email the Monday after the reception or a phone call weeks after they return from their honeymoon, we never tire … Continue reading Winner Winner: 2016 Wedding Wire & The Knot Awards

Real Wedding: Anne-Marie + Rory | The Fairmont | Washington, DC

Nestled in the trendy Washington, DC neighborhood of West End, The Fairmont hotel is the epitome of luxurious style. It’s grand ballroom created the perfect backdrop to Anne-Marie and Rory’s classically elegant wedding reception. The theme of elegance carried through even with the couple’s choice of entertainment – Big Ray & The Kool Kats. As proven by the fabulous photographs … Continue reading Real Wedding: Anne-Marie + Rory | The Fairmont | Washington, DC

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