Let’s Get Spooky!

Ok, so 2020 has already been rather… spooky. We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and 2021 even more.

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To kick off the holidays (which always begin in October for us), we have some of our most chilling Halloween gigs to date. Scroll through to check out the spine-tingling details and as always, reach out when you’re ready to learn how we can take your event to the next, ghastly, level.

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Spooky for a Cause

In Philadelphia, we joined the College of Physicians for a “Take the Fright Out of Breast Cancer” benefit. ECE exclusive artist, Red Hotts, took the stage.

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A Very Haunted Home

With 10 days notice, ECE put together a top notch team of set designers, carpenters, special effects experts, lighting designers, and entertainment producers to design and execute an over the top Halloween Party at a private home.

The team took over a home set for demolition to paint, demolish, and build a jaw-dropping Haunted House, complete with Tour Guides, a graveyard, haunted ice sculptures, living fountain performers and a Michael Jackson Thriller show.

Artists in Theme

And last but not least, we love when our exclusive artists get into the theme. We were literally thrilled when ECE exclusive artist, Party on the Moon, took on this corporate Halloween event with a recreation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

In 2018, our own Silver Bullets hit Richmond in character to bring the Halloween Vibes at Uptown Alley.

Do you have a memorable ECE Halloween event? Send it our way at info@bookece.com and we’ll feature on our Instagram. Stay safe (and spooky) this year and reach out if you would like our help reaching new heights with your upcoming events.

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