Our Conversation with I Do McGrew

ECE’s own, Brad Strouse, recently sat down with a brand new podcast, I Do McGrew, to talk all things wedding entertainment. Founded by Bri and Wes McGrew, I Do McGrew is a podcast dedicated to inspiring and encouraging couples. Bri and Wes sit down with top wedding vendors and couples through thoughtful interviews in this series.

EastCoast Entertainment has had the pleasure of working directly with Bri and Wes in their 5 years of photographing weddings throughout Virginia. In their conversation with Brad, they cover everything from the difference between your typical cover band and a true ECE Party Band to some of the high profile artists we’ve partnered with over our 40 years in business.

Be sure to check out the podcast here and keep reading for some of our favorite highlights!

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The Role of Entertainment Consultants in Weddings

09:00 – We explore the role of an entertainment consultant like Brad within EastCoast Entertainment. Our consultants and event producers work with clients to understand the typical artist or style they are interested in and their budget.

We then provide a tailored recommendation for entertainment throughout the event. The role of entertainment consultant doesn’t stop here, though. We’ll work with you through the time leading up to your event to ensure your artists have everything they need to provide a unique experience for your guests. When possible, a consultant will even attend the event, ensuring a smooth performance.

Entertainment consultants have the ability to match your vision with the perfect arrangement of talent based on years of experience working with our artists as well as first hand knowledge from prior clients and audiences who have worked with our bands and DJs.

11:04 – The first hand experience our consultants have in booking talent as well as seeing them live numerous times allows us to match the ideal artist to your event. It can be especially difficult now for couples to see artists live and find talent for their wedding. With a consultant like Brad, you can feel safe knowing that we are able to pinpoint the exact artist you need without having to do the legwork of finding entertainment yourself.

The ECE Model

12:45 – EastCoast Entertainment’s roster of more than 150 artists allow us to tap into an unlimited potential of artists, even down to the actual arrangement of the group for your event. We don’t rely on a “Build A Band” model, where you pick and choose musicians. Our artists are actual bands, rehearsing and playing together every weekend. Some artists have the ability to add on instruments, like a horn or saxophone, but every artist group on our roster are real bands, playing dates together night in and night out.

14:00 – First and foremost, ECE serves as a customer service organization. Everyone from our entertainment consultants to our artists and production staff, specializes in delivering top of the line customer experiences.

A Perfect Match: Finding the Right Band for Your Wedding

15:45 – How do you know if a band is the right fit for your wedding? Our job at ECE is to find the right artist for your event. We have a process for determining all the entertainment aspects you may need. This ensures you have an unforgettable experience from the ceremony to the reception and after party.

20:30 – We share some of our favorite Headline talent we’ve had the joy of working with over the years.

24:15 – Did you know you can bring celebrity entertainment to your wedding? We talk through a few of the most unique ways we’re incorporating headliners into weddings today, in light of social distancing and the move towards virtual aspects of weddings.

30:25 – Often, your chosen wedding entertainment will need to double as your MC for the night. ECE artists have this skill down, using a custom wedding questionnaire ahead of time to confirm key details about the couple. Our artists seamlessly guide the entire event, from first to last dance.

Our Favorite Wedding Trends

46:00 – What are the most unique trends we’re seeing at weddings? One of our favorites currently is Silent Disco which can abide by all your social distancing guidelines without limiting the experience of your guests.

54:20 – Brad shares his favorite songs to cap off your wedding with a Last Dance. Hint, “Don’t Stop Believin'” remains a classic on our list. We also share a favorite trend in the couple’s Last Dance, where the couple alone remains in the venue with the artist to dance to a final song together while the guests head outside to wish the Bride and Groom off.

For more, I Do McGrew, check out their website or follow them on Instagram! Thanks so much for having us, Bri and Wes!

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