Comedian Will Jacobs Wins Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience

Will Jacobs and Kenan Thompson at Saturday Night Live

Charlotte-based comedian, Will Jacobs, loves to make people laugh. It’s an instinct, yet he works hard to hone his craft. He began his comedy career in 2012 as an improv comedian. He later moved into stand-up after taking a six-week course through The Comedy Zone. Afterward, he became a regular on the touring comedy circuit scene performing across the country for clubs, companies, churches, and charities.

A former attorney, his perspective on topics ranging from his career to marriage are hilariously relatable and insightful. Describing his style of comedy as clever, energetic, and engaging, Jacobs morphs into the people he talks about on stage – a skill that has taken years to perfect. On March 27, his hard work paid off when he was crowned a winner of Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience.

Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience

Kenan Thompson's Ultimate Comedy Experience Flyer

The annual comedy showcase competition was founded in 2010 by Saturday Night Live actor and comedian, Kenan Thompson, and his producing partner, Cherie Chiles-Buchanan. The pair wanted to help comedians get to the next level. Competitions this year were held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Hosted by The Comedy Zone, Jacobs took the top seed in the Charlotte competition beating out 20 other top comics. Thompson himself hand-selected the four winners from the finalists from each city.

A Star-Studded NYC Comedy Weekend

On April 13, Jacobs joined the winning comedians from the three other cities for a whirlwind weekend in New York City where they were treated to an SNL taping (with backstage access with Thompson!) and given the opportunity to perform at the iconic Caroline’s on Broadway in front of networks, producers, agents, and media.

Comedian Will Jacobs at the studio of Saturday Night Live in NYC

“It was an amazing experience. Like a lot of us, I grew up watching Kenan Thompson on Nickelodeon’s All That. After a tour of the Saturday Night Live studio, we sat in Kenan’s dressing room for over an hour talking about comedy and his career. He has an ease about him and is super down to earth. Honestly, he’s just a nice, funny person – without even trying,” stated Jacobs.

Saturday Night Live ticket for April 13, 2019 with host Emma Stone with musical guest BTS

After that, the group joined the SNL audience to watch Thompson in action along with host Emma Stone and musical guests BTS. The next day, Jacobs and the other winners made their way to the legendary Caroline’s on Broadway for a performance of a lifetime. 

“As a stand-up comedian, performing at Caroline’s on Broadway was the pinnacle of my career. Looking out into the audience and seeing well-known celebrities was surreal. When I was on stage, it solidified for me that this is where I belong, and that I am ready for the bright lights and national exposure.  I was with household names and it felt natural.  It let me know I’m ready to be a household name, too. It was a validating and reassuring experience,” said Jacobs. 

Comedian Will Jacob standing in front of step and repeat at Caroline's on Broadway

Prior to the show, Jacobs and the other winners were the stars of a VIP reception where they mixed and mingled with select ticket buyers.

“The VIP reception was outstanding – top-notch food, drinks, the whole nine yards! I couldn’t believe people were there to meet us,” laughed Jacobs.  

What’s Next for Will Jacobs

Jacobs resides in Charlotte, NC where he is the host of The Comedy Zone podcast. He is submitting himself for upcoming festivals and branching out creatively by writing new comedy scripts.  Due to his success with Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience, his popularity has grown and he will soon hit the road to headline more club dates and private events through his work with The Comedy Zone and ECE Comedy

Follow Will Jacobs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @iamwilljacobs.

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