Make a Splash: 3 Ways to Elevate Your Next Pool Party

Pool party ideas

Pool parties are synonymous with summer fun and a no-brainer for beating the East Coast heat and humidity. Graduation parties, family reunions, social gatherings, birthday parties and neighborhood block parties can all take place around the pool and make for a truly memorable occasion. With the smell of BBQ in your nose and the sizzle of the grill in your ears, a ton of planning isn’t needed for this type of summer soiree. However, if you want to elevate your next event, the following three ways will create a splash both in and out of the water.

Nothing says summer fun like a classic luau. Dress your guests in Hawaiian shirts, throw an umbrella in your drink and hire a steel drummer or pan steel band. Steel drummers bring the music and the vibe of the Caribbean to your backyard. They can play everything from traditional music to Bob Marley and even your favorite pop songs!

steel drum

For a twist, choose a character-based theme. Pirates, flamingos, mermaids, and water-friendly cartoon characters can all be fun ways to jazz up a pool party. Hire a character actor to mingle with your guests, take pictures and even entertain the crowd using the pool. We’ve seen pirates walk the diving board plank, flamingo stilt-walkers flock the pool perimeter, mermaids inhabit the deep end and even SpongeBob pass out popsicles.

Everyone loves a surprise! I recently produced the entertainment for a 250+ person backyard pool party which included enough sound/lights to fill a small theater, a DJ spinning handmade mixes of everything from modern country to Taylor Swift and a group of Broadway vets who surprised the crowd with a fully customized take on the famed Jersey Boys show. They pulled one of the hosts on stage for a romantic ballad, integrated family nicknames into the story line and had every single guest dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs.

Pool party ideas

Use your pool as a stage! Imagine treating your family to a synchronized swimming show. What if acrobats in floating orbs walked on water while your guests sipped lemonade? What if a Mariachi band serenaded your friends as they sipped margaritas? There are tons of fun ways to utilize the pool area without breaking out the bathing suits.

Orb floater

Another cool idea is to utilize projection mapping which is now easy and affordable. Cover your pool surface with ping pong balls, project anything from video to music based imagery on top, and invite your guests to dive in as part of an interactive art performance.

There’s still plenty of summer left and plenty of time to turn that rectangle in the backyard into an aqua theater of Vegas-size proportions! Ditch the pool-side boom box and let us help you create an unforgettable summertime experience.

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