Mark Letson Named EastCoast Entertainment Partner


As EastCoast Entertainment continues to grow, so does its ownership group. Today, the company announces Mark Letson has been named to the partnership. Mark becomes the ninth person to join the board.

A 1990 graduate of East Carolina University, Letson began his career in 1991 when he joined the EastCoast Entertainment Charlotte office as an agent. Initially booking ECE’s roster of exclusive bands, he moved to Atlanta in 1994 to develop the company’s National Talent Buying Division. Since 2000, Mark has been based out of Richmond, VA where he resides with his wife and family.

“Mark and I started our careers here at ECE at almost exactly the same time. I still tell great stories of the early years spent sharing offices and laughs. His friendship has meant more to me than I can say. Being able to work with such a great friend over the years and now welcome him into the ownership group is going to be huge for me both personally and professionally,” states EastCoast Entertainment President and CEO, Doug Daniel.

As the National Talent Buyer for EastCoast Entertainment, Letson works with the company’s agents and national talent agencies to ensure successful artist procurement and production for events featuring nationally-recognized artists. Since the inception of the National Talent Buying Division, Mark has helped buy and produce over 2,000 shows ranging from fraternity gigs to large-scale corporate functions.

ECE agent and producer, Chris McClure, elaborates, “Mark Letson has been instrumental in the growth of ECE as a company. His knowledge and expertise in the National market has allowed us to reach heights we could have never imagined. So many of our events are uber private — so much so that even people in our company don’t know the kind of magic Mark performs on a daily basis! To me, that is what makes him SO special. He could boast for days about the artists he has booked and he never speaks a word about them. He is team oriented and always deflects the praise to the agent when it was really his doing that made a lot of these deals happen. I am so proud that he is our newest partner.”

We caught up with Mark to ask him about this new endeavor.

QUESTION: What does this partnership mean to you?
MARK LETSON: Joining the partnership at EastCoast Entertainment alongside the agents that both taught me the business and that I’ve grown up with professionally is an opportunity that I am extremely grateful for. Not only is the partnership role a reward for a job well done, but a leadership role moving forward.

QUESTION: What excites you most when you think about the future of ECE?
MARK LETSON: Having been at ECE for 25 years and watching us grow exponentially in size has been great,  but seeing us mature culturally has been amazing.  Valuing our seasoned veterans through offering partnerships fosters an environment where we are rewarded for growing and developing future partners of EastCoast Entertainment. I feel confident that I can make significant contributions to both ECE and the National Division for many years to come.

QUESTION: Anything else you would like to add?
MARK LETSON: From day one, I was part of a family at EastCoast Entertainment. While we have grown and matured so much over the years, the company has kept the small business/ family feeling. Not to mention, my actual family grew out of EastCoast Entertainment as this is where I met my wife. Even after 25 years, I never take for granted that I have a job that I love and that the end result brings a lot of people joy.

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