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Men of Distinction


The Men of Distinction have amassed an enviable list of references over the years. They have performed for numerous conventions, festivals, weddings ...

Root Doctors


The Doctors are in...And their prescription of choice is a proverbial hair-of-the-dog, one-two punch. You know, treat the ailment with a dose of cure...



Comprised of some of the very best musicians in the Carolinas, The Finesse Band will keep the party rolling with a blend of Motown, R&B, and Soul mat...

Dueling Pianos - The Rock And Roll Piano Show

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The Rock And Roll Piano Show is a mobile, high-energy, singalong show, with lots of audience interaction. We pla...

Street Choir - Van Morrison Tribute Band

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This band has a long history of providing exceptional musical entertainment, in part, by having always associated itself with top-notch players....

Scott Little Band

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Four guys on a stage. Instruments and equipment. That's all it takes to put together a band these days. But - you never know what you're going to get...

AbbeyRoad - Beatles Party Band

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"Yes we're gonna have a!"  AbbeyRoad brings a high-energy show to your event and will take you back to the feel-good years of the Briti...

Cosmic Charlie - Grateful Dead Tribute

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"Truckin in Style" Cosmic Charlie was born in the musical Mecca of Athens, Georgia. From its summer 1999 inception, the band has been swiftly cement...

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

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Live from Savannah, GA, raised in the Louisiana Delta and now performing across the nation, Jeremy Davis is proud to present his Fabulous Equinox Jaz...

Steel Toe Stiletto

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Steel Toe Stiletto is a premium events band based in Greenville, SC. The band was formed from friendships between some of the southeast's most impres...