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NSP (New South Players)


Motown, classic, rock, dance, and a little beach music on the side. The New South Players perform the enduring classics and timeless melodies of the ...



Snap is a compact efficient bundle of rock-funking energy. A professional-potent-punchy-perky-phunky-pop-rockin-peppy quartet, perfect for any ...



What is the magic that makes LEGGZ so successful? It is the ability to read any crowd in any situation and engage them in an interactive party they w...

Ultimate Sound


Ultimate Sound specializes in '80s dance, Motown, top 40, old-school funk & soul and rock-n-roll music and are one of the Southeast's most requested ...

Big Baby Band


Big Baby Band is a high-energy dance band that has toured the Southeast for over 10 years. They combine seasoned musicianship with electrifying showm...

Fantastic Voyage Band


The Fantastic Voyage Band is five-piece soulful dance band that performs a blend of current dance music, rock, R&B, 80's, Motown, country, funk, jazz...