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80s Icon Band

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Playing the most totally awesome hits of the 80s and delivering a show that’s back to the future. Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna; rockers like ...

Monsters of Yacht

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Monsters of Yacht , from Nashville TN, is a Yacht Rock Tribute Band that delivers rocking recreations of songs by artists like Toto, Steely Dan, Hall ...

Heather Rice

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Heather Rice is a dynamic Jazz artist and Singer Songwriter. Her passionate vocals have been compared to Celine Dion, Jane Monheit, and Patty Griffin...

Kyle Gemberling

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With a blend of youthful charm and old-school swagger, Kyle Gemberling is an internationally-known trumpet player and vocalist whose passion for perfo...

Adam Lee Decker Trio

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After graduating in 2001, he found musical theater at SUNY Cortland. The love affair with music bloomed. He began touring the East Coast as the...

Under The Sun


With a youthful burst of energy lead by well-seasoned musicians, UNDER THE SUN provides a unique entertainment choice for your event! Armed with a fr...