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Deb Bowman & The Big Love Band

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We offer entertainment for weddings, corporate events, charities, balls, holiday events, house parties, and more All-inclusive packages in...

James LeBlanc & The Winchesters

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Singer-songwriter James LeBlanc was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. James picked up the guitar at age seven, inspired by his father James Sr...

Madd Jazz

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Madd Jazz is a young family trio from Miami, FL playing fresh takes of jazz, funk, and pop classics. They play either as an instrumental group or with...

The Sweet Talkers

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The Sweet Talkers bring a modern spin to that classic soul era sound! With eclectic takes on soul standards and groovy original compositions, The Swee...

Stereo FM

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Stereo FM is an Orlando Florida based band that specializes in corporate and private events best to suit your needs! They can also however, be seen al...

Dreams: A Celebration of the Music of the Allman Brothers Band

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Our “Dream” is to celebrate and play the music of the Allman Brothers all over the country, and provide the best experience and for any Allman Bro...

Eaglewing - An Eagles Tribute

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Eaglewing promises to take you on a musical journey from 1971 thru 2007 re-living the songs that shaped your life. Eaglewing has crafted each song to ...

Miss Mini & Pressure Point

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When you go to hear Miss Mini and Pressure Point, be sure to bring your dancing shoes. You’re gonna need ‘em!   Miss Mini and Pres...

Holy City Steel Collective

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The Holy City Steel Collective is a project started by 3 local steel drum middle/high school directors. They have been playing/teaching the pans since...

Perfect Party Band


If you’re looking for non-stop fun, high energy, and a plethora of the absolute best music, The Perfect Party Band is the only choice. Establ...