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Party of Four


With a song list comprised of the best music from ‘80s and ‘90s, Party of Four always parties like it’s 1999!  Back then, MTV didn’t re...

Uncle Jesse

Call for Pricing

NOSTALGIA ALERT: wish you could re-live some of your favorite millennium hits? Uncle Jesse is here to take you back in time with all the best jams fro...

Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson Tribute

Call for Pricing

STARTIN' SOMETHIN' was an accident waiting to a good way.Richmond's own electronic/improvisational act Former Champions, were hired to pl...


Call for Pricing

When partying like a Rock Star simply isn't enough,TEAZE turns the party up to 80's Rock Star! Oh My God Look What the Cat Dragged In! It's the moves...

The Big Payback: a Tribute to James Brown

Call for Pricing

The Big Payback is a musical powerhouse, dedicated to recreating the music of James Brown as accurately and as passionately as possible. No stone is...

Skydog - Allman Brothers Tribute

Call for Pricing

Skydog was the nick name given to Duane Allman during his years as a Muscle Shoals session musician. In the wake of the 40th anniversary of The Allma...

The Legwarmers

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Remember the Eighties? Sure, we all do...but the Legwarmers don't just remember the Eighties - they relive them. It all started back in May 2001 when...



What is the magic that makes LEGGZ so successful? It is the ability to read any crowd in any situation and engage them in an interactive party they w...

King of Diamonds (Tribute to Elvis and Neil Diamond)

Call for Pricing

When does an ordinary event become an extraordinary event? The answer to this question lies in the remarkable talents of Mr. Doug James, the unquesti...

ONES - The Beatles #1 Hits

Call for Pricing

What happens when the number one Beatles songs of all time are played note perfect by Canada’s most sought after session musicians? What happens whe...