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Brass Transit


Brass Transit - Toronto's dynamic, crowd-pleasing, studio-tight Chicago tribute!  The band's show includes all the hits from Chicago's golden age, 1...

Unexpected Boys

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Unexpected Boys Entertainment is a full service entertainment production company, here to fulfill your every entertainment need. For the last six yea...

Once - Pearl Jam Tribute

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By the year 1991 there was a sense of restlessness and frustration among rock music fans.Growing more dissatisfied with the legions of hair metal ban...

Beatlemania Now

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Having performed their tribute before Hundreds of Thousands of people over the years, ranging from Theatre's, Showrooms, Concert Halls, and Auditoriu...

Fleur Seule

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Fleur Seule is an authentic 1940s Jazz, Swing, & Ballroom band that plays hits from all around the world. Songbird/Bandleader Allyson Briggs sing...

Uncle Jesse

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NOSTALGIA ALERT: wish you could re-live some of your favorite millennium hits? Uncle Jesse is here to take you back in time with all the best jams fro...

The Legwarmers

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Remember the Eighties? Sure, we all do...but the Legwarmers don't just remember the Eighties - they relive them. It all started back in May 2001 when...

Party of Four


With a song list comprised of the best music from ‘80s and ‘90s, Party of Four always parties like it’s 1999!  Back then, MTV didn’t re...

Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson Tribute

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STARTIN' SOMETHIN' was an accident waiting to a good way.Richmond's own electronic/improvisational act Former Champions, were hired to pl...


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When partying like a Rock Star simply isn't enough,TEAZE turns the party up to 80's Rock Star! Oh My God Look What the Cat Dragged In! It's the moves...