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Jump Street Band


Jump Street is the Nation's premier show and dance band. Jump Street features a powerhouse front-line including the vocal harmonies and stylish look ...

Moonshine Society


"Grabs a hold of your soul and rocks it!"- The Boston Herald. "A Don't Miss Show"- Delta Airlines Sky Magazine. When three friends from Berklee Coll...



N'Demand is comprised of both seasoned and fresh new artists displaying skills and talent like none other in the industry. From weddings to corporate...

76 Degrees West


76 Degrees West- The longitude for the East Coast in the Western Hemisphere-precisely, Washington, D.C.  This high energy party band has been lighti...



"Sophisticated Fun" describes Trademark to a T. Known for their elegance, showmanship, outstanding vocalists, and professionalism, TRADEMARK generate...

Big Ray & The Kool Kats


With recent performances in Las Vegas, New York City, Cabo San Lucas, and repeat shows at the Kennedy Center Galas in Washington, Big Ray and the Koo...


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Amaretto is the East Coast's premiere high-energy dance band. The group performs at corporate functions, conventions, elegant weddings and special ev...

DC Fusion

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DC Fusion: In this case, two dynamic vocalists with undeniable chemistry join forces with the some of the most in-demand instrumentalists in the regi...

Chaise Lounge

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Chaise Lounge performs a blend of music that sounds like it was recorded at Capitol Recording Studios in 1962 and somehow found its way to today's po...

Ron Holloway Band

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Ron Holloway is one of the busiest tenor saxophonists on today's music scene in any genre!  Holloway is a member of The Warren Haynes Band and frequ...