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Kevin MaC & The Homies

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A talented and high-energy performer, this Virginia singer/songwriter mesmerizes crowds with a diverse stage show that highlights his talents and draw...

Harley Boone


It is often said that music can stir the soul and elicit previously undiscovered emotions:  Harley Boone excels at doing exactly that.  Thi...

Justin Trawick and The Common Good


Justin Trawick and The Common Good are a touring Americana group consisting of four friends who have been performing on stage together since 2006. Fr...

Riverside Lights


Riverside Lights is the perfect combination of country and classic rock. Led by multi Washington Area Music Awards nominee, Ken Wenzel, they cover th...


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Stonebrook (formerly Stonebrook Moonshine) is made up of players who have honed their sound in and around the diverse and talented music scene of Rich...

Kris Scott Duo

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Kris Scott and Dennis Elliott are an entertainment power house, with the ability to stay tucked back in the corner when necessary. Dennis Elliott is a...

Little Country


Comprised of musicians with experience in fields as diverse as choral, classical, jazz and rock, Little Country bring an exciting mix of cerebral and ...

Kasey Tyndall

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Kasey Tyndall’s sweet southern charm is often rudely interrupted by an impressive collection of rock ’n’ roll t-shirts. AC/DC, Ramones and Guns ...

Bullet Proof

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Close your eyes and you think you are hearing The Eagles.  Soaring harmonies is just one small ingredient in the success of the band Bullet Proof. G...

River City Dixieland Jazz Band

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The band was formed in 1997 to help preserve the presentation of traditional American Jazz in the style of New Orleans Dixieland music.  Historicall...