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Moonshine Society


"Grabs a hold of your soul and rocks it!"- The Boston Herald. "A Don't Miss Show"- Delta Airlines Sky Magazine. When three friends from Berklee Coll...



Take one part soul-soaked soaring vocals, one part blues-infused rock guitar, add a dash of Motown horns, sprinkle with funky bass, top with New Orlea...

Mike Veal Band

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The Mike Veal Band gives you a hot combination of blues, rock, funk and fun! Diverse musical backgrounds and regional influences color each member's ...

The GTs


Would you love to have a band that can play soft dinner music in the beginning of the night? Would you love to have a band that will let you have inp...

Travis Allison Band

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Travis Allison and band are based in Charleston, SC and perform everything from Motown to Classic Rock to Country to Current Music. The TAB typically ...

Bullet Proof

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Close your eyes and you think you are hearing The Eagles.  Soaring harmonies is just one small ingredient in the success of the band Bullet Proof. G...

River City Dixieland Jazz Band

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The band was formed in 1997 to help preserve the presentation of traditional American Jazz in the style of New Orleans Dixieland music.  Historicall...

Whitewater Bluegrass Company

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For over 25 years The Whitewater Bluegrass Co. has captivated audiences throughout the Southeast with their blend of Bluegrass music, country ballads...

Blue Dogs

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After years of doing all that it takes to develop a large fan base, including grass-roots promotion, touring, and releasing two albums, the Charlesto...

Back Porch Orchestra

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While Back Porch Orchestra started their journey as a modern band, there’s no doubt that they’re shaped by their homegrown, traditional roots. Sin...