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Vinyl Headlights


Combining national recording talent with private event know-how and ego-free professionalism, Vinyl Headlights smashes the cheesy cover band mold. The...

Reality Bites Back


The musicians from the hit party band Vinyl Headlights are givin' mad props to the music and popular culture of the 1990's in a super sweet, hella ba...

Party of Four


With a song list comprised of the best music from ‘80s and ‘90s, Party of Four always parties like it’s 1999!  Back then, MTV didn’t re...

Uncle Jesse


NOSTALGIA ALERT: wish you could re-live some of your favorite millennium hits? Uncle Jesse is here to take you back in time with all the best jams fro...


Call for Pricing

Stonebrook (formerly Stonebrook Moonshine) is made up of players who have honed their sound in and around the diverse and talented music scene of Rich...

Gump Fiction

Call for Pricing

Gump Fiction is a high-octane, nostalgia-fueled time-machine with one totally radical destination: the 1990s. Known as the Ultimate 90s Experience, t...

Pluto for Planet

Call for Pricing

Forming in the summer months of 2011, Pluto for Planet was assembled with a vision: a band of young people that could be musically satisfying for bot...

Oh No Stereo


Young, hip, and full of energy… this well dressed four piece has performed extensively throughout the US with a set built on current chart toppers,...

Cotton Bird

Call for Pricing

Looking for a band who offers a refreshing change of pace from the same old cover songs?  Then Cotton Bird is the band for you! This versatile b...

120 Minutes

Call for Pricing

120 Minutes is a 90s Alternative, Pop, and Rock tribute band based out of North Carolina's Triangle area - bringing the finest assortment of 90s alter...