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The Mustangs Band

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The Mustangs Band of Washington DC has been a centerpiece at hundreds of private events! We bring you radio dance hits, Go-Go, cult classics, B sides ...

Perfect Party Band


If you’re looking for non-stop fun, high energy, and a plethora of the absolute best music, The Perfect Party Band is the only choice. Establ...

Matt Johnson

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Matt Johnson is a 27 year old Musician/Songwriter/ Producer/Actor from Central Virginia. In the past few years he has paid his dues working as a pro...

Hundreds Thousands

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Hundreds Thousands is the solo project of Zach Britt. Growing up in the Piedmont and mountain regions of North Carolina, Britt’s musical background ...

Greg Morton

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Known as Mr. Standing O!  He’s known as the ultimate stand up act at clubs, colleges, and theatres across the U.S., Canada, Australia, an...

Craig Shoemaker

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Craig Shoemaker is a modern day renaissance man, with a show business career spanning over three decades as a stand up comedian, actor, author, ...

Philly Plowden

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Philly Plowden is one of the most sound Actors/Comedians/Emcees working today.  The essence of Philly has been described as “Deep as a w...

Mark Klein

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Mark Klein is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  He graduated from Colgate U. with a B.A. in English (let this be a warning to your childre...

Mary Ellen Hooper

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A veteran in the world of stand-up, Maryellen Hooper’s comedy has taken her from clubs and colleges to theaters and television. She’s appea...

Keith Alberstadt

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Keith Alberstadt has been climbing the comedy ladder for over ten years. Late night TV appearances, freelance writing, military tours in the Mi...