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JD has been playing music for over 15 years and DJing is one of his personal favorites; "Music is my passion and I love nothing more than sharing my...

Lost Wax

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Since 2008, Lost Wax has been America’s favorite Mashup Party Band. We set out to be DIFFERENT than the standard, over saturated party band playing...

The Wavetones

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The Wavetones have been the top band for private events in Oklahoma for over 20 years. Specializing in black tie events - ranging from fundraisers to ...

Weekend Excursion

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Most rock bands don’t come with a violin – but this one does. A diverse set list includes songs by Prince, The Beatles, Tom Petty, and a roo...

Adam Lee Decker Trio

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After graduating in 2001, he found musical theater at SUNY Cortland. The love affair with music bloomed. He began touring the East Coast as the...