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Continuing in their long tradition of offering the MOST variety of music, TMS has expanded in every category and style from their versatile list of over 200 songs.

With the desire to please and play something that everyone will enjoy, the boy’s fun, contagious personalities will touch everyone. They love to entertain and play only the hits from yesterday to today.

All the guys in TOO MUCH SYLVIA possess a gift for the love of playing music, the talent to do it, the knack to entertain and the passion to share it. With the ability to feel the mood, TMS understands how to work and pace song selection and audience interaction to reach a peak at the right moment. Easy to work with, very accessible and listening to their buyer’s needs only adds to the professionalism this unique band offers.

TOO MUCH SYLVIA… Just making music FUN again!

RICK LEE – Keys & Vocals: Rick’s passion for playing and entertaining is obvious from a quick look at the band. He has that knack for the flow of the event and paces the evening accordingly. Rick will be your contact and is VERY accessible. Understanding the different needs of the buyers, he will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions and help you bring your event to life. Hard to beat experience, and from his time in TOO MUCH SYLVIA and his previous band, SUGARCREEK, there is plenty to draw from.

STEVE LONG – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica & Vocals: The edge and cut to TOO MUCH SYLVIA’s tight rhythm section is from Steve’s guitar. Absolutely, one of the most versatile guitarists in the South, complimenting the many styles of music the band offers. From their dinner sets, through the Motown years, of course the 70’s & 80’s and into today’s music from Nelly to Maroon 5, Steve has it covered. An excellent singer, Steve sings many of the funky tunes. From his past, bands such as DIAMONDS, STRATUS & THE VANDALS have been the stepping-stones to his home in TOO MUCH SYLVIA.

EDDY HOWIE – Bass & Vocals: The moment you hear the first note from Eddy’s high, crystal clear voice, will make you a fan and appreciative of his talent. The fun-loving antics and his charisma are not only un-deniable but also contagious. Very solid, sounding bass groove only adds to Don’s (the drummer) infectious beat. Onstage, Eddy is the glue. He played with Rick in SUGARCREEK and also spent some time with THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS!

DON LEONARD – Drums, Congas & Vocals: Don’s has that natural “feel” to keep the dancers, dancing and the listeners, grooving! Quick to flash a smile, is a genuine trait of his that rubs off on the band, the music and the crowd. You can’t help but watch, Don! He’s been with TMS since January of 2000 and previous band stops include: CAPTAIN COOK & THE COCONUTS, THE POOR SOULS and national recording artists, THE OUTLAWS!

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