Thurston Howell Band
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Thurston Howell Band

Size & Elements:

6 Piece Band, 3 Lead Vocals (3 male/1 Female), 2 Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Saxophone.

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artist bio:

Ahoy mates! Prepare to set sail on a groovy voyage with Charlotte’s own Thurston Howell, Your Premiere Yacht Rock Spectacular!

Picture this: a musical escapade that whisks you away on a nostalgic odyssey through the smooth sounds of the 70s and 80s, sprinkled with a dash of modern zest. The bridge crew of Captain J.P. “Silky” Lents on keys, alongside the dynamic duo of First Mate Cameron Love on guitar and Activities Director Leona Love on percussion, will have you feeling the wind in your hair with their soaring vocals! And the engine room rhythm section of Professor Newland Archer on bass, Phineas Wigglesworth IX on drums, and Dr. Artemis Thatch on Sax, will have you dancing the night away on the deck! Thurston Howell crafts a symphony of classic hits all night long, from Toto and Michael McDonald, all the way to Hall and Oates and Steely Dan!

These seasoned musicians are not just performers; they are magicians, weaving soaring melodies, lush harmonies, and irresistibly tight grooves into every note. Imagine yourself swaying to the rhythm, captivated by the enchanting tunes, as Thurston Howell transforms any event into a lively spectacle. From concert halls and festival stages to private soirées and corporate shindigs, they make it their mission to get your feet tapping and voices harmonizing to the most beloved soft rock anthems.

So, rally your crew, head to the edge of the dock, and climb aboard with the crew of the Thurston Howell! Because You Can’t Fake SMOOTH!

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