We want to personally thank you guys and send you as much gratitude we possibly can through an email! You guys performed at our wedding on November 19th in Brentwood, TN. Our wedding was our favorite night and you all were an enormous part of that. Your talent is unmatched and we were absolutely blown away. Your joy, energy, creativity, and range were undeniable and when we talk to others about the wedding, they mention how incredible you guys are. Beyond all of these things and on top of your evident talent, we want to thank you for your selflessness and generosity. Our must play song was Dancing Queen; a song my (Cameron) sister, Anna, who has Down Syndrome, has been talking about dancing to at our wedding for months. Dancing Queen is sort of our sisterhood anthem and has been for years! Y'all played it and she was nowhere to be found. You generously replayed it and she took storm of the dance floor! This is a moment and memory that will shine for years and years to come as we reflect on our wedding. It is hard to express how meaningful it is to us that your band members were willing to disrupt their set, take a step back, and let her have a moment in the spotlight that she has been talking about for months. We knew she wanted to dance to Dancing Queen, but the entire routine and the guest's reaction was a complete surprise to us. And thank you for the drummer who prolonged her finale for a big finish! As her sister, I am easily (and emotionally) overwhelmed when she takes a step of bravery, especially for something she loves, ABBA 😊. So thank you for creating that opportunity for her. I can't imagine many groups being so willing to repeat a song last minute and shift the spotlight. I hope it was evident how important that moment was to Anna, to us, to our families, and to the whole composition of the night. Thank you, thank you, thank you! and Merry Christmas!

-James and Cameron W.-

Bride and Groom
Ravenswood Mansion
Brentwood, TN
Nov 19, 2022

Amazing! As always!

-Wesley Cadle Events-

Wedding Planner
Augusta Country Club
Augusta, GA
Nov 13, 2021

Oh my goodness!!! The band was phenomenal!! It was the time of OUR lives!! They contributed to Corinne and Josiah’s magical day!! I wanted people on the dance floor the entire time and they were!! I will reach out to them soon and tell them so. Also received comments the entire time, “Who is this band?!! They are amazing! Etc” Thank you so much!! I also appreciated your professionalism and ease of working with you! The band’s communication with me was also warm and professional! Great job ECE!! With much appreciation and gratitude,

-Felice S.-

Mother of the Bride
Oct 30, 2021

The band was wonderful!! We had such a great time!! A lot of guests told us how much they enjoyed them. Thank you so much!!

-Hannah B.-

Oct 16, 2021

The band was PHENOMENAL last night, everyone was raving and truly thought it was the best band they had ever heard!!! i would love to write a review somewhere if you can let me know where, we loved them SO MUCH

-Catherine F.-

Jun 05, 2021

Incredible! Last night was amazing! Not sure if you know this, but the only thing the bride wanted was The Time of your Life Band and man did they show out! Just wanted to thank all of you (them) so much!


May 15, 2021

They were awesome! They never took a break and the dance floor was packed the entire time! Very talented and so much fun! The night was perfect!

-Alan -

Oct 24, 2020

They were great! Easy to work with and the crowd loved them! Will recommend again!


Sep 19, 2020

It was crazy weather here! I can’t say enough good things about the band. Candyse, the lead, was incredible. They arrived early, took lots of time to make sure everything was perfect. She was super easy to communicate with and the entire band was so kind and talented! They had a few technical issues at the beginning of their set, but worked hard to correct it and stayed in touch with us to make sure they worked it out. I’d be happy to have them again!

-Nicki K.-

Wedding Planner
Oct 19, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that Time of Your Life gave us the “Time of Our Lives” last night!!! Everything about the band was beyond what we could have even imagined! I cannot tell you how many people told me that they were the best band they’d ever seen! The groom told me that they were the best ever and thanked us so much for making the night so amazing. My niece even said she wanted to get married again just to have the band play. The night was everything we had hoped for and more. Thanks so much for all of your guidance and help in making this possible. A huge shout out to CanDyse and her band for a truly magical night!!!

-Elizabeth L.-

Mother of the Bride
Oct 05, 2019

Thank you so much for all of your help! The Time of Your Life band were phenomenal and made the night so much fun! Thank you for making the entire band booking process so easy and enjoyable!

-JoAnna D.-

Jun 08, 2019

They were AMAZING!! I think every person told me how great the band was and how much fun they had. They were so interactive and energetic and very accommodating before the wedding. All three of the singers have amazing voices. Two of my friends want them to play at their weddings when they get married. We had the most fun night..I did not stop dancing and I have never seen my now husband dance that much. Thank you for helping us book them! I hope I get to see them at another wedding soon.

-Kelly B>-

May 18, 2019

I just wanted to send a very late thank you for the performance at my wedding in Nashville on May 18th. Everyone had THE BEST time and gave you so many compliments. Matt and I have heard how great our band was whenever people talk about the wedding. It speaks volumes that my grandmother was out on the dance floor. I wish I could have a wedding every weekend to enjoy y'all! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You made my wedding day so special and beyond fun.

-Kelly B.-

May 18, 2019

The band was FABULOUS!!! Everyone had the grandest time. Their energy was contagious, selections and sound were the best and the crowd danced the night away. I know you will be getting calls in the future from folks in Wilmington requesting The Time of Your Life Band! Bravo!! Thanks for all of your help

-Anne S.-

Mother of the Bride
Apr 27, 2019

Hey there! You guys ROCK! My husband and I were discussing how that wedding was by far the most fun, best party we have ever seen...and we do a lot of weddings! I got lots of great shots of you guys, so stay tuned ;)

-Nicole F.-

Wedding Photographer
Oct 20, 2018

Just wanted to circle back and let you both know that I can't count how many complements and best band ever comments we received at and after the wedding. I, personally, was blown away by the band and I know Mandy agrees. Thanks again for the experience.

-Cole A.-

May 12, 2018

You all were terrific. Certainly got the crowd moving! I was here while you all were rehearsing and I have to say everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun then too! That’s so nice to see! I just got a good feeling from all of you and would love to have you back again and again!! I will certainly talk the band up! Send me your information and I will put you on my preferred list of bands!

-Debbie R.-

Event Planner
Jan 20, 2018

They were amazing. The family was so thrilled with them and had such a blast! In addition to an amazing performance they were SO great to work with. Michael was so nice and flexible and made my job so much easier. You were so wonderful with the planning and I appreciate all you did to make it run smooth! It was perfect!

-Melissa M.-

Wedding Planner
Nov 11, 2017

Your band was lovely to work with and they sounded wonderful. The dance floor was full all night. We look forward to working with you again soon!

-Dina B.-

Oct 28, 2017

Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Everyone was impressed with the band's performance. I have nothing but positive feedback.


Oct 21, 2017

Everyone absolutely LOVED the band!! They were so fun and the playlist was so great, not a single song that I didn't love. We have heard from guest that they were the best wedding band they've ever seen! Thank you for your help!


May 13, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Time of You Life. This incredibly talented group performed at a large wedding reception that I planned. Their performance was seamless and electric. The band gave the bride, groom and all of their guests a musical memory of the reception that will never be forgotten ! The talent agency that I work with highly recommended the band when I was on my search. I knew that they are good but had no idea that they are as brilliant as they are. I recommend this band and hope to be able to work with them again soon !


Wedding Planner
Apr 29, 2017

This band was fantastic for our New Year’s Eve event. Our resort crowds range in age, and we often skew towards more family friendly entertainment. This band was perfect, performing everything from Motown to new hits; and, they kept the energy going throughout the evening. They were also extremely professional, and most importantly, you can tell they love what they do. We want to have them back soon!


Event Coordinator
Dec 31, 2016

Everyone loved Time of Your Life Band and apparently was all the talk in the office Monday morning.  You guys were great and brought a lot of energy to the party.


Event Planner
Dec 17, 2016

We absolutely loved the band!!! They did an amazing job and I think every single one of my guests would say the same thing…they were PHENOMENAL!! :) I really really appreciate them learning all of the songs for me. That truly meant a lot! Overall, everything was perfect and I would HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for live entertainment, no matter the occasion! 


Sep 24, 2016

We had the best time! We could not have asked for a better band. Everyone loved them, even my uncles who are notorious for not dancing at weddings were on the dance the floor. All of our guests were very complimentary, no complaints at all!  


Jun 04, 2016

We can not say enough good things about The Time of Your Life Band!  They were everything and more than we could have possibly imagined.  Even though the weather was a little warm, they did not let that stop their performance.  They jammed all night long and even offered to play an extra 30 minutes as they could tell how much fun all of our guests were having!  As we have run into family and friends over the past few weeks since the wedding, there has yet to be one person that attended that has not made a comment as to how awesome the band was.  Everyone in the band was a class act and we will definitely recommend them to anybody that asks us who we used for our reception! Thanks again for an amazing night and helping make our special day "The Time of Our Lives"!


Apr 30, 2016

Hey guys, thank you for playing such a great show. I am pretty sure that everyone enjoyed their night!! Thanks again guys, fun fun fun!


Apr 23, 2016