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Size & Elements:

7 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, Guitar, Bass/Keys, Drums, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone. *All Members Sing*

Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)
Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music
Offers Continuous Live Music

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artist bio:

It’s rare to find a band that is steeped in tradition, yet remarkably modern, but The Maxx embodies that statement. For over twenty years, The Maxx has been performing the music of their youth along with classic oldies and today’s pop music. Their energetic choreography and eclectic sound keeps the group traveling the world entertaining countless weddings, conventions, and major corporate events including performances for Bill Gates and Microsoft.

The Maxx’s DNA consists of a strict work ethic instilled by their blue-collar parents and endless childhood rehearsals. This discipline elevated The Maxx from a talent show house band to a college tour staple. By putting their clients first, The Maxx combines professionalism with captivating entertainment. On stage and off, The Maxx exemplifies their name through a relentless pursuit of excellence. They tour 125 days out of the year while tailoring their set list to personalize every performance.

Even with frequent travels, The Maxx has not forgotten their roots. They support children with their very own 501c3 non-profit, Musical Youth Of America – an organization developed to promote and provide music education to elementary and middle school children. Furthermore, they support and promote high school music programs with their organization, Band Room Nation. The Maxx has come full circle in having two non-profit organizations give back to the community that produced them.

The Maxx recognizes that it’s more than music: it’s about creating special moments in people’s lives. Through their musical integrity and talent, The Maxx invests in future generations while bringing joy to the hearts of many.

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