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The Living Garden

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The Living Garden® is a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. Each element weaves an enchanting tapestry in a stunning display of visual images and illusions. This is The Living Garden®, mesmerizing audiences young and old at a host of venues throughout the world.

The Living Garden® is an award winning live performance company produced by 2nd Nature Productions, Inc. located in Orlando, Florida. Our performances have a high visual impact resonating in the realm of beauty and mystery. It is movement based, but character driven creating a unique niche in the entertainment world.

The performances include:
Individual Elements The Fountain, The Rock, and The Orchid.

Stage Productions Force of Nature, The Lady of the Lake and The Geisha.

The performances of The Living Garden® are enjoyed in a broad spectrum of areas within the entertainment world including private parties, corporate events, trade shows, botanical gardens, zoos, theme parks and resorts.

The Living Garden® has been seen at events across the USA and Internationally, including The Grammy’s®, Russell Simmons’s “Art For Life” fundraiser, and the “Just For Laughs” festival in Montreal, where we received the Coup de Coeur (Peoples Choice Award).

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