The Tenors wowed our audience. Around 365 turned out. We had to set up more chairs. We had rave comments as folks were leaving. Standing ovation. "Bravo" heard many times during the concert. Would we recommend? What do you think? I'm thinking about those other venues who passed on them. They have no idea what a super concert they missed.

I heard today when I dropped off a CARE pkg at our printer's shop that her toddler grandson sitting down front was "singing" along with them. She said that Michael said, "Thanks for the help" at one point. They were VERY pleasant to work with and in personal contact with the audience afterward. They are just all around nice guys.


Performing Arts Event
Nov 10, 2013

The sold out concert last night was a SMASHING success! There were "bravos" and yelps galore! A standing ovation after the last song, and serious clapping and bravos after each song! Our audiences are usually very reserved and not vocal at all, but the Tenors brought out the "I want to stand up and scream" from these folks! As people were leaving I listened to them and the comments were all so positive! Several people were crying at Intermission and did not know why! Music has a way of speaking a language all its own! What a pleasure it was to have the International Tenors perform for us.


Pensacola Junior College
Jan 01, 2013