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Size & Elements:

8 Piece with 1 female singer, 3 male singers (2 that double on percussion) guitar, bass, drums and Keys. 2 additional female singers (10 piece), 3 piece horn section (11 piece) or BOTH singers and horns (13 piece)

Additional Horn(s) Available
Both Male + Female Vocalist(s)

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artist bio:

Ever wonder if the band you see on video will be the same group of musicians that show up to your wedding or special event a year from now? Turnover happens often with most bands, not with TFC. The same principal musicians that formed TFC in High School 40 years ago are still going strong today. TFC is a true FULL TIME band of professional musicians and entertainers.  Performers that have made a living playing music and entertaining a diverse group of clients from coast to coast and abroad their entire careers. Search the internet all you want, you will not find a band with more continuity, dedication, experience or appreciation for their gift. A God given gift that has been crafted and shared at countless Weddings, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, and Casino’s from Ethiopia, Africa to Washington, DC. Today TFC offers something for everyone including a repertoire that spans more than 60 decades of music from the most current Top 40 dance hits to classic Motown and everything in between. Cross-generational music that brings back memories, puts a smile on faces and fills the dance floor. The band offers various band sizes to accommodate venue limitations and budget ranging from 8pc to 13pc options.

When not performing for Special Events, the members of TFC tour the nation as Masters of Soul, the #1 Motown/Soul tribute band in the world. Sold Out performances at Performing Arts venues  across the country are the norm as folks re-live or discovery for the first time what it was like to see groups like The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and many more.  Know when you book TFC for your special event you are getting World-Class musicians and performers that don’t just play gigs on the “weekend”. The members tour and perform as professional performers 365 days a year. Unmatched experience that is guaranteed to makes a HUGE difference on your Special Day!

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