Hillary Clinton Impersonator – Teresa Barnwell
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Hillary Clinton Impersonator – Teresa Barnwell

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Since 1993, her uncanny resemblance and natural ability as an entertainer has taken her all over the United States, as well as to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, England, The Netherlands, and Italy. Some of her commercial work has appeared in China and South Korea.

Teresa has made hundreds of personal appearances to surprise, entertain, and delight thousands of people over the course of her career. She became a regular on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” with at least forty hilarious portrayals as Hillary.

Her vast and varied experience includes live comedic performances at corporate events, as well as acting roles in numerous television sitcoms. Teresa has appeared on late night talk shows, in music videos, commercials, motion pictures, and documentary films. Dozens of newspapers, magazines, and web sites around the world have profiled her unusual and prolific career.

Teresa has appeared alongside a variety of celebrities and politicians such as Ret. General Colin Powell, former Senator George McGovern, Bill Maher, Leslie Nielsen, Jay Leno, Phil Hartman, Bob Eubanks, Rip Taylor, Roseanne, Leeza Gibbons, Vicki Lawrence, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, Bronson Pichot, Jenny Jones, Fran Drescher, Sinbad, Craig Ferguson, John O’Hurley, Ben Stein, Christopher Meloni, Melina Kanakaredes, Vince Gill, Dave Feherty, Master P, the cast of MadTV, and former White House Chef Roland Mesnier.

In 2007, Teresa performed at all five of Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts and was part of a group of entertainers that included the Charlie Daniels Band, Larry the Cable Guy, Lee Greenwood, Montgomery Gentry, and LeeAnn Rimes. Political guests at the concerts included Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rudy Guiliani, Fred Thompson, Oliver North, and actor Jon Voight.

Teresa has been a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1995

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