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10 Piece: 3 Lead Female Vocalists, 1 Male Lead Vocalist, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass, 2 Horns. Available Add-Ons: Horns, Vocalists, DJ, Confetti Canons, Shadow Boxes.

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Get ready to experience a party like no other with Surround Sound

When bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Zack Reynolds, Jr. decided to start a private and corporate entertainment brand, he envisioned a diverse group of multi-talented singers and musicians committed to customer service, client satisfaction, and professionalism that would produce a musical sound and experience second to none. As a result of his commitment to that vision, Surround Sound was formed. 

Surround Sound effortlessly performs the greatest hit music from Motown, Country, Funk, Beach, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, and today’s chart-topping hits. Performing a non-stop show with top-notch choreography, Surround Sound will make your event one that you and your guests will rave about long after the party has ended.

If you’re looking for a versatile show, award-winning performers, and a non-stop, high-energy performance, look no further than Surround Sound!



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