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Stoneking is one of Charleston\’s premier cover bands. Playing in local bars, private parties, and events for over ten years, Stoneking has built a reputation for their sound, four part harmonies, and entertaining stage presence.

People say diversity is the spice of life, why should your musical tastes be any different? Well it shouldn\’t. Ever been to a wedding or similar function and not liked a single song the band played only because they played a particular genre, and usually a bad one. We have. This is not Stoneking. Need classic rock? Got it. Country? Got it. Funk, R&B, contemporary Korean folk rap? Done deal. On top of all that, we can hob-knob with the sophisticates and connect with the earthy types all in the same breath. Need icing on the cake? We won\’t embarrass you in front of your mamma.

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