Simply Irresistible was amazing in all ways. You guys easily met and exceeded our expectations. From the Ceremony music, through cocktails, and onto The Party—your performance was spectacular. Many many thanks for all your hard work, talent and professionalism. Multiple guests have asked for your contact information and I hope to see you again at another event soon. Many thanks again. Your performance made a wonderful evening very special.

-Susan & Michelle-

Windsor Club
Vero Beach, FL
Apr 23, 2022

All I can say is ………. Wow, wow, wow!!!! What an incredible party for Carlos and Janelle. Thank you all. That was just so over the top and perfect! I really appreciate ALL of your hard work. It was smooth and just so beautiful. Everyone was amazing! Thank you again. What a way to end 2021! Happy holidays!

-Nicole Kaney / NK Productions-

Private Event
Private Residence
Sarasota, FL
Dec 17, 2021

The band arrived on time, setup was seamless, play time was perfect. Band was engaging, they left the crowd wanting more. I hope to work with the band again in the future.

-Verve Event Planning-

Austin Country Club
Austin, TX
Nov 20, 2021

They were AWESOME. We had some major changes to the plan at the last minute, because of weather, and if there were any hiccups with the band, we never knew it. They were high energy the whole time. I went in to thank them and assured them that it wasn’t the last time we would be calling to book them! In fact, I’m not sure why we would ever ask for any other band! They played great music, vocals and instrumental were exceptional, and they related to the crowd in the best way. Phenomenal performers who clearly love their jobs! Everyone we worked with to pull off so many last minute changes were just like this, from the staff at Ocean Forest, to the photographer, who also cried when David made his father of the bride toast! So it was no surprise that our band went above and beyond all expectations as well!! Truly an awesome time!! Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. Now that I know how to be a MOB, I’ll call you the next time, ask for Simply Irresistible’s available dates, and then tell the bride and groom their options! First things first, as SI was like the icing on the cake! Perfect. Thanks so much, and hopefully we will be talking to you again soon!!

-Margaret and David T.-

Parents of the Bride
Ocean Forest Golf Club
Nov 06, 2021

Simply Irresistible was without a doubt, the perfect band for Katie & Edward’s Wedding celebration. Our guest could not stop talking about the incredible music and how much fun everyone had. Please ensure the entire band members know how much our family appreciates their hard work on Sat. night….they really did rock!

-Gene M.-

Father of the Bride
Sep 18, 2021

Great evening dance party with a great band and crew! Everyone was a joy to work with and they rocked the house!

-Robert E. -

Sep 11, 2021

Great evening dance party with a great band and crew! Everyone was a joy to work with and they rocked the house!

-Robert E.-

Private Event
Sep 11, 2021

Simply Irresistible put on a performance of a lifetime. All of the guest could not stop talking about how great they were. Simply amazing show that was the hit of the night. We've had people asking how they can book them for upcoming events. This is the second event they have done for the Smith family and they will do our future events as well!! What a show!!!

-William S.-

Jun 06, 2021

The best party ever!!! Only 4 guest left the entire night until midnight!!!! SI rocks 🙂

-Tara -

May 01, 2021

OMG -- they are so amazing. All around the BEST -- from their professionalism to their "easygoing-ness" (parking downtown Austin is a mess) to overall performance, choreography, etc. LOVE all of them -- the bus driver, LD, lead singer. So great. I honestly don't know how I'll ever work with any other band again. Thanks so much for helping us get them booked!!! It truly made our party. The client is THRILLED.

-Becky B.-

Wedding Planner
Feb 07, 2020

The band was FANTASTIC. Everybody I’ve talked to absolutely loved them. We estimated that we had between 400 to 450 people attend. My plan is to schedule them again for next year. Probably in February 2021.

-Hans L-

Feb 01, 2020

What an entertaining, engaging and talented performance. We were blessed in many regards with the outcome of the wedding event. Planning and execution of course was stellar - but things like the weather (that is beyond our control) was cooperative beyond belief. So - 100 percent successful - hugely due to the sheer professionalism and experience of the band. I had an opportunity to interact with several members before the event-and I was most impressed by their attitude and willingness to help. Our wedding was limited to 120 people and I had 130 people tell me “best band ever”. We had 10 wedding crashers.

-David M-

Jan 18, 2020

I can not say enough about Simply Irresistible! They exceeded my expectations in every way. The cover of “Yellow” couldn’t have been more perfect. From weddings I have been to in the past, I have noticed that live bands can be very hit or miss and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. They absolutely blew me away and all of my guests as well. I can’t even begin to count how many people came up to me to compliment the band! Xavier and I would remember our wedding day no matter what, but I truly believe that Simply Irresistible made it a memorable occasion for every single guest there. I hope that you pass this onto all of the band members, and I am so appreciative of all of your hard work throughout this process. Thank you so much!

-Hannah M-

Jan 18, 2020

WHAT A WEDDING!!! Honestly this was one of the best families I have ever worked with (and I have had plenty)... they were simply focused on all the right things... so much loved filled the air for this one and you couldn’t help but just feel it!! The band.... I mean..... one of my favorites for years.. but they were simply perfect for this wedding!!! I wish we had them at PB every weekend!!! Please pass along to Linda, Jeremy, lyric, Jamie, Darius.. and the rest of the crew my appreciation for their professionalism and grace to preform for these special families!! Can’t wait for our next time together!!

-Kelly M-

Senior Wedding Manager
Jan 18, 2020

Larry, where do I begin....Simply Irresistible was OVER THE TOP AMAZING and so are YOU! They absolutely made the evening SO special, SO much FUN and truly a memorable evening we will remember for a lifetime! Everywhere I go, my texts etc...our guests are raving about the band! My only regret is that I did not get to thank everyone in the group personally. I hope you can share with them our thanks for the amazing night! You know when you are the host of 450, I was overwhelmed with friends and family. The group was so easy, fun and over the top talented!! OH what a night!!!! We are all still on cloud nine reminiscing about the evening and Simply Irresistible was the BOMB! I told my husband we need to do this all over again and come back as guests! Seeing our daughter, Abigail, having the time of her life was what it was all about! A heartfelt thank you, your team, the amazing group of entertainers for making our daughter's special night a memorable evening we will treasure for a lifetime! THANK YOU and Simply Irresistible!

-Cecilie H-

Debutante Party
Dec 20, 2019

The entire Simply Irresistible team was absolutely amazing. Your team was flexible, playful and professional. They were a pleasure to work with and the audience LOVED them. Please thank and congratulate your team on my behalf.

-Elizabeth G.-

Wedding Planner
Jun 15, 2019

Just wanted to reach out and thank you guys for helping get Simply Irresistible up on stage and making everything go so smoothly on all fronts. They killed it in both cities and our client was over the moon. Big thanks to y'all for making us look so good. Have a great rest of spring and hope to work again soon. Thanks again!

-Andy B.-

Event Planner
Apr 25, 2019

We could not have asked for anything better. The band legit made it the best night of our lives. Our friends cannot stop talking about it. Everything was perfect, thank you to the moon and beyond. Happy new year!

-Devon K.-

Dec 22, 2018

As always, they were terrific! I think the client was a little leery until she heard them, and then she just kept saying how fabulous they were and how right I was to recommend them. I know you know this, but they have to be the nicest and easiest band I’ve ever worked with! So, thank you so much!

-Brenda N.-

Event Planner
Dec 14, 2018

Simply Irresistible were unbelievable! So many people told us they have never been to a wedding that fun! They were wonderful from the first note they played! Full of talent! I’ve given several wedding guests their name for future events! Thank you for changing gears at the last minute because of the storm, too

-Patty P.-

Mother of the Bride
Sep 15, 2018

Simply Irresistible was beyond amazing. My guests from all over the world, told me that this was THE BEST wedding they had ever gone to. The band MADE the night! I could not be more thrilled with how it went. I will recommend them and your company highly!!!!!

-Susan P.-

May 19, 2018

One word- amazing. They were great to work with and we hope to have them again.

-Mandy L.-

Corporate Event
Sep 18, 2017

I only wish we had more time in the evening for them to perform. They were incredible….but wanted more and more. I want to use them again very soon. Thanks again for always being there, answering our multitude of questions and details and being so accommodating.

-Polly O.-

Wedding Planner
Sep 16, 2017

Simply Irrestible was fantastic!!! Had so many people come up to me and tell me this was best band they had seen. The night was perfect and SI was a huge part of celebration….. thx to you , the dancers were a great addition!!

-Rick P.-

Father of The Bride
Sep 02, 2017

Thank you all so much for coming. The girls had such a blast and you all were a big part of that. Again, thank you!

-Stephanie W.-

School Event
Feb 11, 2017

The band could not have been better. They were the best to work with and the guests loved them. People from all over the country club were standing in the hallway to listen to them.

Thank you to you and the band for a great evening.


Aug 27, 2016

"AMAZING band - totally entertaining" L Stuek

"Awesome band!"- L Gerard

"Incredible wedding. Band was the best I've seen." - Matt W

"Amazing band" - C Carlson

Amazing night...That band was rockin'." - C Finney

"Everything was amazing and the band was UNREAL!!" - Katie H

"Top notch! Simply Irresistible was off the chain." Nick P.

"Great wedding. Simply Irresistible is the real deal." - Eli S

"The Band, OMG, really energized the crowd and played great music. That dance floor was rocking!!!" D Sutter

"Best band I've ever seen/heard at a wedding." -Scott

"Best band heard in 6 years of planning weddings" DW

"Most fun I've ever had at a wedding". Mary F


Nashville Wedding Reviews
Nashville, Tennessee
Sep 19, 2015

I hope all is well with you!! Words cannot describe just how FABULOUS our wedding weekend was because of the super talented, Simply Irresistible! They were truly unbelievable... I had dozens of friends come up to me personally to tell me how awesome they were and to ask for the band's name. I even had a friend (who will most likely get engaged soon!) text her mother during the reception saying, "Write this down for my wedding: Simply Irresistible." HA!

I cannot wait to get photos and video coverage back - I think that will tell you everything you need to know :) I think my mouth will be wide open in most of the photos because I was simply in awe. They learned all of our song requests to a tee, were interactive with the crowd to the perfect extent and put up with all of our "show offs" who performed on stage with them. While they were exiting the stage for the night, the crowd was chanting "4 MORE SONGS! 4 MORE SONGS!" Unbelievable.

You were a pleasure to work with as well, and the Sea Island wedding team told us from the very start that they love working with you, too! 

I'm still smiling from such an unforgettable weekend and will be in touch with photos and videos as soon as I receive them. Please let us know if you need anything else. 

Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of the week!


Sea Island, Georgia
Jun 05, 2015

Simply Irresistible truly MADE the reception.

Dance floor was packed from beginning to end.

Thank you!


Houston Texas Wedding
Houston, Texas
Apr 18, 2015

Simply Irresistible-what can I say? They made our reception fantastic-everyone I talk to comments on how great the band was. Absolutely perfect. They got young & old on the dance floor all night. They were professional & talented & knew how to work the crowd & were hard working. Loved every minute of everything they did - flawless & worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone! Our daughter & son-in-law were very appreciative & happy with the band as well. We also heard them at Memorial Hermann gala the week before (Nancy Ames booked) & loved them then, too.  They rocked!!!

Please tell them how much we appreciated their hard work!!!


Mother of the Bride
Houston, Texas
Apr 18, 2015

Omg they WERE AWESOME! People were gathered at the front gate trying to listen!


William Aiken House Event
Charleston, South Carolina
Apr 10, 2015

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and the band for the truly spectacular show that they put on on Saturday night.  Kyle and I have been to over forty weddings together in the last five plus years, and Simply Irresistible was hands down the best wedding band that we have ever seen. We had incredibly high expectations going into the night, and they somehow managed to exceed them.  Everything was executed perfectly. As Kyle likes to say, "they brought the house down" for three hours straight.

Thanks to you and the band for making our wedding a dream come true.

-Jamie & Kyle-

Bride & Groom
Oct 18, 2014

I can't even begin to put it into words how amazing Simply Irresistible was last weekend. People cannot stop talking about it. Everyone wanted to know who they were so expect to get a lot of phone calls in the upcoming years when people start getting engaged! They literally made the night so special. I cannot thank ECE or the band enough!!! They were also so sweet to me and super personal. Please tell them how thankful we are.

Thank you again for everything!!! Hope to see them perform again at a friends wedding :)


Oct 11, 2014

Well, it's hard to believe that almost two weeks have gone by since my daughter's wedding at Sewanee- I have been meaning to email you all to tell you how much everyone loved and appreciated Simply Irresistible!  The band absolutely MADE the reception the best reception that any of us have ever been to!  So many people have written me and emailed to tell me it was the best.  The band is just so fantastic- such talented and nice people!  I hope that they had fun too- they seemed to be having a good time!   I wanted to let you know that the photographer, Ryan Dunnewold, has some pictures up on his website under his blog- just a few but I am sure more to come soon- Also under the hashtag, #tohaveandbucholz, there are some great shots of the band.  It was such a pleasure to work with you all - you made it so easy and so special for us in every way.  Please pass my thanks on to the members of the band for an amazing evening that we will never forget!  I just hope I can figure out a way to have another party and get them to play for us!  Everyone in our family is married now but there will always be anniversaries and birthdays! 

Take care and thank you again!


Mother of the Bride
Jul 19, 2014

Simply Irresistible was FANTASTIC!!! I am trying to think of other events and even reasons for having them back. I was so busy with the event that I didn't get to enjoy them as much as I would have liked to. Everyone I have spoken with was blown away by them though. They not only have great sound but their performance was over the top!

They will be on the top of my list for any future needs! I hope they were happy with the stage and ll accommodations.


Jun 28, 2014

All I can say is WOW!! Simply Irresistible played at my daughter's wedding in April and I have been to five weddings since then and everyone is still talking about how our band was the best they have EVER heard! The dance floor was packed from the first note until the last when we were "literally" shut down at 2 am. Nobody wanted to leave!! The dance floor was so crowded, the videographer said it was the very tightest dance floor she had ever tried to video. The band's high energy matched my daughter's personality exactly and made the wedding PERFECT! I wish we had another wedding to plan so we could hire this band again….we are thinking maybe for an anniversary party! Thank you, thank you for the fabulous job you guys did and for being so great with the guests! You are simply AMAZING, simply IRRESISTIBLE, and simply THE BEST!!


Mother of the Bride
Jun 13, 2014

The BEST BAND Ever!!!. They were so entertaining. The crowd loved them. They kept the crowd energized right to the very end. I have NEVER enjoyed a band more. Boy did they get a workout! Where in the world do they get all of that energy? I was tired watching them. The dance floor stayed full!!!!!! I had so many comments on the quality of their work. Amazing!!!! Thank you for helping us make this an evening to remember.


Private Party
May 10, 2014

This is Camille. Simply Irresistible played at our wedding this past October in Nashville , and I am writing to tell you how much we absolutely LOVED them!! I also want to thank you and the band for working with me in the months leading up to the wedding and being so helpful. Thank you so much for everything you and the band did to make our wedding absolutely unforgettable! The band did a fantastic job, and I can't tell you how many comments I got the night of the wedding and on several other occasions since then from people saying how much they loved the band. They were SO energetic, SO fun, and they did a fabulous job of keeping the party going and getting everyone dancing and having a really fun time!

We loved all of the songs they played, and they did an excellent job on the first dance/father daughter/mother son songs. It was really like being at a concert! All of the dancing was clean, together, and fresh, the girls dresses were perfect, everyones' voices sounded beautiful, the energy was through the roof...the list goes on!

I hope that you are doing wonderful, and again thank you so very much.


Oct 12, 2013

Simply Irresistible were FANTASTIC, FUN, SENSATIONAL, TERRIFIC ... I could go on and on about how everyone at the wedding loved them one sat down ...I mean how could you with music like that .... Thank Ed for your guidance , I really appreciated it ... Christie & Jacks wedding reception was unbelievable and a lot of that was due to Simply Irresistible talent ... I only wish I had met every one of them to shake their hands and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart .... you all are " THE BEST " dance band ever ! .... with gratitude


Event Planner
May 11, 2013

I hope that you both are doing well! I just wanted to send an e-mail to inform you both of the AMAZING experience that it was to work with the Simply Irresistible band on the Dulaney-Escobedo Wedding on April 13, 2013. Not only was the band absolutely wonderful in their sound and upbeat performance that kept the guests on the dance floor the entire evening, but they were also one of the most pleasant bands that I have worked with in my entire time with Sea Island. Herman was extremely professional and poised, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again.

I wanted to be certain that your company and team is aware of the true gem that you have with this band. Please continue to recommend them to our brides and we look forward working with them again in the future.


Event Planner
Apr 13, 2013

Well, the band was over the top!. Everyone is talking about how fabulous they were.
Even the Argyle said they were the most professional and best band they have ever had in 20 years. Please pass this along to all of them. I can't wait to use them again.


Mother of the Bride
Apr 04, 2013

The Simply Irresistible Band lives up to their name and then some - they are absolutely phenomenal. At a recent wedding, they had literally every single guest on the dance floor from the first song until the last, and had the guests chanting for more at the end (to which they graciously obliged). The band's energy is contagious and engaging, and every person in the building from guests to catering staff felt as though they were at a private concert; a far more special experience than a typical wedding reception. I will continue to highly recommend Simply Irresistible to both my clients and my friends.


Jan 01, 2013

I wanted to send you a small note just to tell you how absolutely AMAZING you all were and that people are STILL talking about the wonderful band that played at our wedding! The music selection was phenomenal (Andy's FAVORITE was the Bobby Brown song!!!) and yall knew exactly how to read the crowd and entertain everyone way beyond what we ever expected! The "Thriller" Routine was incredible! Yall took our wedding reception to the next level with your over-the-top music and performance! In fact, some of my friends told me that they felt like "groupies" because they were just standing at the end of the stage watching yall! Yall were an absolute delight to work with, and you made my dad's night by playing "Dancin' on the Ceiling!" J Thank you so much for everything, and for truly making it THE MOST FUN NIGHT of Andy's and my life! We really appreciate everything that yall did, and we are spreading the word about Simply Irresistible! Although, I think the "word-of-mouth" communication lines in Greenville already has y'all at the top of everyone's list! J Take care, and again, thank you for everything!

-Whitney & Andy-

Bride & Groom
Jan 01, 2013

"YOU guys rocked this awesome party. Thanks so much and WHO DAT!!!!!"


Endymion Coronation Ball
Jan 01, 2013

The wedding was AWESOME!!  All was as smooth as glass.  Linda and the gals in the band were great to work with.  The manager and guys were great as well.  They did all they were asked to do and were very professional.  They made the quick changes that were asked of me in the evening without one complaint. The really play all over the board, right?  First time that I have EVER asked for a soft set and really got one.  


Wedding/Event Planner
Jan 01, 2013

Simply Irresistible was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! By far the best band I have ever heard. All of the musicians were unbelievable and such a pleasure to have around. I was absolutely blown away and didn't want the party to end. All of our guests felt the same way.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for the BEST band ever!!! What an amazing night.


Oct 27, 2012

They were so incredible. I seriously could not imagine a better band. The band was very friendly and we could tell that they really love to entertain. They played to the crowd and definitely got everyone up and moving. We've been to 2 weddings since ours. One was a very fancy Manhattan wedding and several people came up to us and said they liked our band more. In fact, the night of the wedding, we were at the after after party with 20 people or so and someone said out loud to the group that this was the best band they've ever seen. It's a huge compliment considering the person saying this had been to everyone else's wedding in the room. Thank you so much for helping Greg and I have the best night of our lives!


Sep 02, 2012

Having an out of town wedding, traveling to return home, and getting ready to go out the door emailed me before I had a chance to email and say how much we all enjoyed "Simply Irresistible." In answer to all your questions, "Yes!" They were great to work with and I did meet and talk to Mr. Garrett who could not have been nicer and more engaged in our evening. I hope everything for the group was to their satisfaction.

They had not been to Linville before and I think they found the setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains as beautiful as we do. They played the soft music during dinner and then as everyone was finishing and having dessert, the dancing began and did not stop until 10:30. All our guests enjoyed the music...wanted to know who they were, where were they from, wanted to have them at their wedding or function, etc.

I liked all the music they played and I think Katherine and John's attention to the playlist helped them play the songs that our group liked the best. "Last Dance" at the end of the evening was perfect! It was a wonderful evening and "Simply Irresistible" helped make all of Katherine and John's dreams come true! Thank you for being in touch.

We were very pleased with the music.


Mother of the Bride
Jun 09, 2012

The band knocked my socks off! I cannot believe how they MADE the party. Having seen a lot of wedding bands in my business, you really see quite the variety and I'd have to put them at #1 if I was asked to rank them. The guests partied the entire time and I rarely saw anyone sitting down. Looking forwarding to working with you in the future.


Wedding Planner
Jun 02, 2012

Simply Incredible as well. Thanks for all of your help throughout the were kind, understanding and professional all at the same time and we will always have fond memories of you and the band as reflect over the years on this wonderful Wedding Celebration!


Father of the Bride
May 19, 2012

We loved Simply Irresistible. They were great and they definitely kept the party going. They were very entertaining and everyone loved them. Thank you so much. They made the party and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to have a really great event. Again, thank you. It was a wonderful experience, and I will definitely keep you in mind, and keep your number.


Museum Event
May 05, 2012

The band was amazing at Elizabeth's and my wedding on Saturday, April 14th. One of the best entertainment performances I have seen at any social gathering! Thanks so much for your amazing recommendation! Dallas people who attended are still talking about how amazing and fun they were. We all truly enjoyed ourselves and the band truly made it the best night of Elizabeth's and my lives (they even allowed Elizabeth to spend most of the night on stage with them!).

Thanks again for helping us get the best of the best for our big day! You and EastCoast Entertainment are the best! We missed celebrating with you but cannot wait to share in Adam and Sara's wedding activities with you in a few months!


Apr 14, 2012

Things went extremely well on Friday. Ronnie, Trina, and the rest of the Simply Irresistible Band were SIMPLY AMAZING! From the moment they took the stage, they WOW'd our sales reps and rocked the house! They sung their hearts out all while dancing up a storm and yet never once seemed tired. Where do they get their energy?! They truly are in a league of their own. They belted out song after song and kept the dance floor packed the entire night. We've never had the dance floor as packed as it was in the 19 conferences I've planned so kudos to the entire "SI" band for a job well done! You made us shine among our sls reps and we owe it all to you & Sonny for organizing things w/the band!

We've already had a # of reps asking that we bring the band back for next year's conference so I'm sure we'll be in touch once we begin planning for next year's conference. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Summer! 

-Janet -

Corporate Event
Jul 23, 2011