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7 Piece: Lead Female Vocalist, Lead Male Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Sax. Available Add-Ons: Trumpet, Trombone.

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Kick off your shoes and prepare to dance the night away with Shimmer. This entertainment powerhouse delivers the classics as well as today’s top hits with a finesse and energy that leaves audiences wanting more. Shimmer has talent in droves with their powerful and skilled frontline vocalists and the absolute best talent in the area filling the ranks of the instrumentalists.

However, what really sets this band apart is their incredible showmanship and ability to keep audiences captivated in any party setting! From a fantastic 7-piece band up to a 9-piece ensemble, Shimmer is the perfect entertainment choice for any occasion.

Shimmer has performed for all kinds of events, in front of thousands of people, all over the world. They have performed for the Armed Forces in hostile territory to entertain our brave troops as well as back here at home to help make every event the most memorable it can be.

Call us today to secure this powerful and captivating band for your next event.

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