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Hailing from Cincinnati, Saola is the production project of Jonah McClure. His first release was an album of redesigned and remixed pop songs, each with their own unique spin.

Whether it’s the classy dance track, “Show You” (feat. Jay Z), or the rowdy crowd-pleaser, “Love Me” (feat OneRepublic, Daft Punk, C2C, and Tinie Tempah), What You Know, is packed with hits.

Saola’s second release, the EP Solstice, is a chill, ambient wall of sound with the power to make you bob your head to halftime beats and heavy, rumbling basses all carrying a melodic layering of synths and acoustic elements over top. Whether it’s the relaxed, dinner party song, ‘Magic Man’, or the dance floor ready, ‘Gremlins’, the EP Solstice will take you through a journey of sound you won’t want to miss.

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