Sand Artist – Gary Shockley
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Sand Artist – Gary Shockley

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Captivating, stunning, magical, and inspiring are just a
few words used to describe what SandArtistry performer Gary Shockley
does in his innovative art form designed especially for civic, corporate and
non-profit organizations including YMCAs, youth conferences, national
gatherings, retreats, religious services and corporate events across the

Like a
multi-act play this ever changing and fast-paced art form is accompanied by
original music soundtracks created for each performance. Viewers of every age
are glued to the stage and screens as they watch and wonder where Gary is going

Gary is an
award-winning artist, author, children’s book illustrator and Sand Art
performer. Having grown up near the Delaware Bay, Gary took an immediate liking
to sculpting and drawing images in sand that caught the attention of beach
combers passing by. Over the years, Gary developed proficiency in nearly every
painting medium and is a certified art therapist but readily admits his
SandArtistry has been the most impactful and appealing of his works.

Several years
ago Gary was inspired to create the tools necessary to turn his sand table into
a vehicle for visual story telling that thrills and inspires audience of all
sizes. Gary recently innovated the technology that made it possible to
incorporate animation sequences in his sand art performances gaining him an
audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12.

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