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Hear the Hype

Entertainment so memorable that hundreds of people are still cheering from the stands.

As promised you and the band did not disappoint! Our guests were raving about you and Rivertown well after the party ended. There’s talk of finding a way to get you up here to the Philly/ South Jersey area for a reunion show. Paige and Kevin were special but Rivertown really made the reception exceptional. I hope you and the band sensed the energy and enthusiasm of the guests. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and I only hope we have the pleasure again.

- George M.

(Sep 25, 2021)

Everything was absolutely perfect with the band and Leslie! We loved working with all of you! Such a special evening to have Rivertown celebrate with the Peterson's and their guests. Thank you so much for all you do and I personally hope I get to work with you again!

- Christina Currie Events

(Sep 11, 2021)

I echo Christina’s comments. I’ll also add that feedback from our guests was outstanding! Everybody LOVED the band. There were a number of guests at the wedding whom, like the XXXXXXX's in Amelia Island last April, could be future clients for RiverTown. When/if we get requests for contact information for you and the band, we will enthusiastically send them your way.

- Dave P.

(Sep 11, 2021)

The band was wonderful, as always! They were the highlight of the reception, did a beautiful job (and did so with a major delay in timeline due to a fire alarm at the ceremony venue delaying everything) and accommodated the special first dance song sung live by the Groom’s sister. It was a great day, and we can’t wait to share photos and video when they come! 😊

- Brittany J.

(Aug 07, 2021)

The Rivertown Band was AMAZING Steve! We will definitely be referring Scott and his team for future clients!

- Demi M.

(Jun 26, 2021)

It was absolutely fabulous and we had so many people compliment us on / ask about the band. I'm working on getting caught up on work but will send you something this weekend!! Thanks so much!!

- Sam M.

(Jun 19, 2021)

They were great!!!

- Melissa W.

(Jun 19, 2021)

We absolutely LOVED Rivertown and they did a fantastic job. I can’t tell you how many people commented how amazing the band was at our wedding and I know our parents LOVED them as well (ha it always feels good to really enjoy something you spent money on!) My dad is a music guy and he just entrusted us with the process of choosing things / he was not involved in the planning whatsoever so I know how happy he was to hear such a great band and truly see what we had invested his money in this whole time! 🤣 Rivertown was vibrant and electric - my parents, family members, and guests loved how we were able to get up on stage and they can’t stop sharing the video of us on stage. We had a blast on stage with them and my family also can’t stop commenting on my misuse of the common phrase “twist my arm” when I told Scott to “pull my leg” 🤣🤣🤣 HA! I loved how specifically everything was coordinated between us and Scott and it all went so smoothly without a hitch. The songs they learned for us were performed so well and I truly hope we get to attend another wedding where Rivertown is the band because I want to relive their music again!! What a PERFORMANCE and they did not disappoint!

- Alissa

(May 30, 2021)

THE RIVERTOWN BAND was AMAZING and OUTSTANDING!! It was like a private concert!! The band organized the music with our top favorite songs and if it wasn’t on the list they were happy to learn it. They learned my signature wedding songs; This Will Be by Natalie Cole as well as our party song Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. I am especially amazed by how the band organized and allowed my Dad to play the saxophone for our first dance, starring as a soloist for My Girl by Temptations. My Dad played the first half of the song with the band accompanying him and we danced the rest. It was definitely one of the highlights of the night not only for me but for all the guests!! I also enjoyed the song selections for the beginning of the reception party with the intro song Vivid Mi Vida by Marc Anthony. It set the tone for the party and had our guests raving about their excellent performance even weeks after the wedding. I am thoroughly impressed and more satisfied by The Rivertown Band’s ability to organize the selection of music in a way that brought excitement and thrill to the dance floor. Scott, who is the owner of the band, and Leslie, who is their Event Manager, will really work with their clients to make sure everything is to perfection. Scott was an amazing spokesman as well as an amazing singer! Thank you Scott for singing my favorite song Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Overall the band was everything I wanted and more!! I mean I can go on forever on how AMAZING THE RIVERTOWN BAND was. I am overjoyed with how they performed and couldn’t ask for anything better.

- Jenni Reyes

(May 23, 2021)

We had a wonderful time. The band was amaaaaaaaazing! They kept everyone on their feet and everyone had a lot of fun and danced till the very end.

- Kate

(May 22, 2021)

The wedding was exceptional…… my daughter and her fiancé were amazing and Rivertown was the icing on the cake …… heck they were the icing inside the cake as well.. Scott is a tremendous band leader who made everything unique and special…..he also is a great entertainer. The band and vocalist were amazing and seemed to get caught up with crowd which danced for 3 hours straight. I am not sure which is true…. The band makes the wedding or wedding makes the band but in our case the synergy and collaboration were spot on.

- Scott

(May 02, 2021)

They were amazing - the band leader was the easiest I have worked with in a long time. He always looked out for me and my cue’s - which I appreciated and the sound guy was awesome too!!

- Haley

(Mar 04, 2021)

Please pass onto Scott & the band how much we LOVED their music and performance! I didn't leave the dance floor all night - I even missed the dessert bar I was so busy dancing! Their energy was contagious. It was a great evening and all our guests had so much fun. Scott's 65th is 2 years away and I already know what band to use!

- Lisa

(Jan 23, 2021)

My daughter planned her wedding date around the availability of Rivertown band. I had never heard them before and I have to say they were fabulous! Not only are they wonderful musicians they put on a great show! Totally made the wedding reception! Everyone danced the night away and we were so sad when they stopped playing! Would highly recommend!

- Pam

(Nov 14, 2020)

East coast entertainment and the Rivertown Town were both the best experiences possible for booking a wedding band. Carrie Couch with ECE made the process incredibly easy (even during a pandemic) and found the most perfect band for our reception based on questions she asked. Leslie was our contact point for the Rivertown Band and she communicated every detail we wanted and made the entire process actually fun! The band lead Scott pretty much read our minds and definitely read the crowd to make the band performance from start to finish incredible. Our guests, old and young, never left the dance floor. Their wide range of music was the selling point for us, they did every genre perfectly. We had tons of compliments and multiple people ask for their contact information. When booking a band for a wedding, you know they are going to be the most important part of the party. The Rivertown Band was everything we could have hoped for and people (especially this bride and groom) will be talking about how much fun they had for QUITE some time. 10/10 recommend. Are anniversary parties a thing? If so, I know who I would call.

- Grace

(Sep 26, 2020)

They were totally amazing! Sounded great and super easy to work with. Love them!

- Melissa

(Sep 12, 2020)

They Were Great!!! Good Energy and VERY professional.

- Wesley C

(Feb 15, 2020)

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. The Rivertown Band was AMAZING!!!! We had the best time at our wedding reception thanks to the energy of the band! Everyone was on the dance floor the whole night because the music was so good. Christopher and I even got our time to shine as rockstars on stage! Thanks for helping us make memories we will cherish forever!

- Sabrina I

(Feb 15, 2020)

We can’t thank you and the entire River Town band for the best evening of our family’s life!! Our friends and family can’t stop talking about how amazing you guys were!!! We needed a bigger dance floor!! Wow wish we could do it all again!!! Love you guys! And hopefully we will be lucky enough to be at another wedding with you guys! Thanks a million and please share our love and thanks with the entire band!!!

- Jennifer & Joe

(Feb 01, 2020)

The band was incredible. Far exceeded anyone's expectations. They played all types of genres and everyone loved them. They rocked it! They kept everyone dancing, they got the crowd involved and it was a tremendous success. Best band ever!

- Jeanne C

(Jan 23, 2020)

Thank you so much, we had a wonderful time with Scott and the whole crew! Everyone could not stop raving about how amazing they were. The whole evening was perfect and we couldn't have had a better band! Pass on our best to them! Thanks so much

- Bianca K

(Dec 29, 2019)

We were so happy with having River Town Band at our wedding. They did an incredible job and were so great to work with. We had more people tell us that not only was it one of the best weddings they had ever been too but it was one of the best bands they had ever heard. Everyone was dancing of all ages. We couldn’t have picked a better band. Thanks for making our special night extra special.

- Donnie G

(Nov 16, 2019)

Band was fantastic!! The dance floor was packed all night long, the planning experience was seamless, and it was an evening we will never forget! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

- Kelly K

(Oct 05, 2019)

Thank you for another great event, client was over the moon happy and even joked that you all are their own personal band! As always the band did not disappoint and the crowed danced all night long! Looking forward to next time Thanks so much

- Ashlee T.

(Aug 13, 2019)

The RiverTown Band is a must for Jacksonville events! They know how to get the party started and keep it going all night long! Our guests raved about their performance for months after the wedding was over. The best money we spent for sure! You could have your wedding in a cardboard box and everyone will have a blast as long as RTB is there!! Their musical talent is off the charts, their set list is so fun and they're interactive with the audience. I can't speak highly enough of this group!


(Jul 13, 2019)

The Band was terrific. They performed very well and were pleasant to deal with. The guests gave me many great comments. Scott was terrific and the guests were up dancing all night. I also know the Bride and Groom were very happy with the performance. On a scale of 10, I would rate them a 10.

- Hannah L.

(Jun 15, 2019)

Phenomenal!!!! They rocked the house!!!! Our kids had a blast and danced the night away!

- Priscilla J.

(Jun 08, 2019)

AWESOME as usual - Everything was PERFECT, which is your standard.


(May 09, 2019)

RiverTown was beyond fantastic! Great energy and worked very hard to make the event outstanding for everyone. We especially appreciated that they went out of their way to learn a song our daughter had her heart set on that was not in their repertoire. Wonderful evening start to finish.

- Sally P.

(May 04, 2019)

This band was spectacular! Easy to work with, responsive in all ways and great music. The dance floor was NEVER empty- a sure sign of capturing the guests and keeping them engaged! Thank you!

- Mary Jane B.

(Apr 27, 2019)

First, the most frequent question that I personally received was - “Did you fly that band in from New York, Atlanta or Miami? They were absolutely terrific.” I happen to agree 100%. Second, I asked London Bloom from the Ponte Vedra Inn to tell me the single biggest issue she had to deal with. I was curious since everything went so well, I did not have one issue to mention. She said that her biggest issue was that she needed to discreetly stand by the entrance to fend off Ponte Vedra Inn Members who all wanted to see the killer band. We could not be more thrilled with the performance. Truly. You guys are so talented, you don’t need much of anything from me, but if you want me to speak to anyone, or write a specific testimonial, say the word. And Scott, thank you for teaming up with great artists and good people. We so appreciate your professionalism. You guys are the absolute best. Please keep the band together. I want to do it again at 45 years. All the best,

- Mike G.

(Apr 13, 2019)

Just AMAZING & Perfect - we would not have changed a thing. Exceeded expectations and everyone LOVED the band! THANK YOU!!!!

- Cindy H.

(Mar 15, 2019)

As always, they kept the dance floor filled from the time they took the stage till the walk out ……all ages out there having fun . The Bride and Groom were so very happy and had a lot of fun surrounded by their friends. Scott is wonderful to work with - very detail oriented and gives the client a wonderful amount of personal face time introducing himself to them that makes them feel great about their choice of bands.


(Mar 02, 2019)

Rivertown was a huge hit!! Both young people and the older folks were raving about their performance. I rarely saw any available space on the dance floor the entire evening. We're already looking at them for another event this year!!


(Feb 28, 2019)

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! That is the only way to describe my experience with the RiverTown Band. You absolutely MADE my wedding and it was the most fun I've had - ever. Every single person asked what the name of the band was because they loved you guys as much as I did. Thank you SO much for the amazing time and I will remember you guys for many years to come. You were so professional yet super fun and made it interactive with the guests. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

- Caroline A.

(Jan 26, 2019)

Absolutely fabulous I thought this was one of the best parties we’ve had in a couple of years the band was excellent and everyone had a great time thank you very much


(Jan 25, 2019)

Rivertown band is by far the best wedding band in this country. I'm not exaggerating. I am 30 years old and probably heard 30 wedding bands myself over the past 6 years and no one can even come close to Rivertown. They played at our very large, black tie wedding (complete with celebrities!) this past summer. I now have friends from all over the country asking me how they can hire RiverTown band. Rivertown Band was the first thing I booked for my wedding. I booked them 18 months out because that's how in demand they are. They were the best money I spent. Easily. By far. No questions asked. I was prepared to make a significant investment into a wedding band, and I got SO much more than I ever paid for. They delivered so far above and beyond my expectations that I really can't quite describe it. They also delivered on my very detailed and over bearing requests. And always had the biggest smile on their face and were happy to do whatever it took to make our night perfect. I was not an easy client, and I have never been happier with a vendor than I am with them. I am so grateful to them. They are so kind, so thoughtful, so invested in your night. They made it one our guests will never forget. No one left the dance floor the ENTIRE night. At the end, we had to be dragged out. If you're smart, you're already on the phone with them as you're reading this and booking them.

- Mary O.

(Jan 12, 2019)

RIVERTOWN BAND IS SIMPLY THE BEST! Thank you for an AMAZING job at Riley and Michael's wedding at TPC on 12/8/18. Our friends and family from all over the country are still RAVING about you!! We will not have another wedding unless RTB is available--you all are AWESOME! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!


(Dec 08, 2018)

The Rivertown Band knocked it out of the park this weekend for my daughter’s wedding at The River Course on Kiawah Island! These artists are first class, extremely talented and professional. I thank Scott and his band members for leading us beautifully through the introduction and first dances. They even learned a new song for the bride and groom for which we are very grateful:) The music selection was perfectly suited to our crowd and I can only imagine that this was because they listened to us beforehand and that they had a good read as well on the guests. If you are looking for a band that seriously will MAKE YOUR PARTY then don’t hesitate for a second, book them! I am not exaggerating when I say everybody was on the dance floor for the majority of our celebration and our guests could not have been happier or more complimentary. I also want to thank Steve Harry from ECE for guiding me towards this band.

- Janet J.

(Dec 01, 2018)

It was fantastic. the band was absolutely the best. Had the whole party dancing all night. Could not have been better. 2 guests are planning to book them for events. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Marcia S.

(Nov 17, 2018)

There are no words for how amazing y'all are as a band! Like I said, the band was my number one on my must have list and y'all hit it out of the park! Everyone has been calling and texting us about how it was the absolute best band they have ever seen! Josh thought it felt like a concert and just made our special day even better than we could have ever imagined! Scott was amazing! Everything was absolutely perfect! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my father-daughter dance the best one possible! I will get on the knot sometime this week and review how perfect y'all were! This band made all of our guests say it was the BEST wedding they have ever been to in their lives! They are beyond talented and you'll feel like you're at a concert! They get everyone involved and out on the dance floor and their transitions are seamless. I can't say enough about their professionalism, their communication and their overall performance is just absolute perfection! They are phenomenal!!!

- Katie S.

(Nov 10, 2018)

Your performance was everything we could have hoped for and more, and was something Kathryn and I will never forget. So many people commented on Sunday that you were the best they’ve ever seen at a wedding. Thanks again for making our party incredible.

- Henry & Kathryn S.

(Oct 13, 2018)

They are AMAZING. It is our second time having them join us at one of our council meetings. It is our second time having our attendees write to us and say what an amazing talent they are. I see many bands across three continents- constantly amazed by Rivertown, their talent, their energy, and their stage presence. Great experience again!!

- Jeanie M.

(Oct 10, 2018)

With most events there is always something I would look back on and do differently but this one was absolutely PERFECT. The band was great and helpful with a few announcements, they were prepared and we enjoyed having them play for our special night. Leslie was great and on top of things. I hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed working with you.


(Sep 14, 2018)

The Rivertown Band is awesome. At our daughters wedding they were perfect. They were on time, started exactly when expected. They never took a single break. I so hope we get the opportunity to use them again. They are active. The singers come on the dance floor and get everyone involved. I’m so happy we hired them.

- Sherry M.

(Jun 16, 2018)

The band was phenomenal per usual! Everyone had an amazing time.

- Ashley S.

(May 12, 2018)

Thank you for performing for the Hartley-Anderson wedding reception event Saturday April 21st, 2018 at the Sawgrass TPC. The RTB was spectacular!! They did a fabulous job. Everyone enjoyed the Band's interaction and the entertainment provided.....We appreciate the effort made by the team to accommodate our requests, Spotify, personal selection of dinner music, Father-Daughter Dance "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" This is a very special song to Greg & Nolyn and RT sounded amazing!! I'm most grateful to Leslie Hendricks for all her assistance and guidance as we walked through the time line. Leslie's ideas and suggestions were valuable to us as we decided format.....What a pleasure to have met her and worked together making our wedding event most memorable.....Thank you Leslie!! Our friends, Jeff & Diane Smowten have already reached out and booked RTB for their daughter Danielle's upcoming wedding event planned for November at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. It was truly a pleasure to meet the Band members and with much gratitude we thank you all.

- Dr & Mrs Greg H.

(Apr 21, 2018)

This was THE BEST Cover Band i have ever witnessed. The wide range of genres and years that this group can play is mind boggling! They had everyone dancing, from the little flower girl to the 70 year old grand parents! I cannot express enough of how high class and amazing this group is! They are all so personable and easy to talk to and friendly! They will take request and play their hearts out!! I will 100% recommend them for any function or wedding! I hope we can book them for our wedding!! Thank you guys for making my Best friends wedding even more memorable! AMAZING!

- Nick M.

(Mar 31, 2018)

They were fantastic! Very professional and easy to work with. And they sounded great. I’ll certainly recommend them again!

- Melissa W.

(Mar 24, 2018)

We booked The Rivertown Band for a large charity event. From the minute the band started, the crowd was hooked! People stayed and danced for two and a half hours. Those who weren't dancing stayed just to watch. I am still getting compliments about the quality of the show. The Rivertown Band absolutely made our event a huge success! Thank you so much!

- Bill D.

(Mar 03, 2018)

The Rivertown Band was incredible!! Everything we had hoped and more! The dance floor was packed the entire night and we had such a blast!

- Carson

(Jan 13, 2018)

Just a note to say Rivertown was amazing last night!! So good!! Everything was perfect. Thanks!

- Nicole K.

(Nov 11, 2017)

Rivertown Band was the epitome of professionalism, and absolutely stellar performers. They were amazing at communicating before the event, which helped ensure my energy into other areas the day of the wedding. They also took the time to really get to know the clients and understand their wants ahead of time, and rocked out the night of!. They smashed/mixed tons of songs on stage to give the guests loads of variety, which I thought only DJ’s could really do! Overall awesome, respectful, nice, and above all true performers! Anyone would be in good hands with Rivertown band as a client or a planner!!

- Lindsey S.

(Oct 07, 2017)

In a word ... AMAZING!! They were so incredible, and at least 10 people have asked about them. I told them that when they are ready , I have your contact information :). Please pass on my most heartfelt thank you and appreciation to the band. Nobody got off the dance floor ! We need to get them to Chicago and shake things up here!! All I can say is: this is the first of my FOUR daughters to get married , so you haven't seen the last of me! Thank you again :)

- Katherine G.

(Sep 16, 2017)

They were AWESOME and great to work with….thanks for the recommendation!

- Angela S.

(Jun 17, 2017)

Rivertown Band was truly phenomenal! They played all the songs my new husband and I requested, they played a variety of songs throughout the night, and they were so entertaining for everyone. People have told us time and again how wonderful the band was, and everyone, including us, feel like they made our reception so much fun. They really were everything we could've asked for. Thank you again!

- Corinne

(May 13, 2017)

The band was amazing! Thank you for being so organized and for your communication! I had an incredibly busy month and appreciate your patience with my correspondence at times. The other vendors that set up Saturday were great too! Saturday was a beautiful wedding for Cassie and Kyle. Her parents had nothing but raving reviews and a lot of that is due to your fabulous band! Thank you,

- Jo

(Apr 29, 2017)

Omg, our team had a fabulous time!! I am so impressed with the band on so many levels! First, I want to thank you for your advanced planning to ensure we had everything squared away before the event started. That was so important to me! Second, I want to say thanks for the band's flexibility on the start time. The after-party started a little later than expected but Scott was so friendly and understanding. And last but not least...thank you to the entire band for going with the flow and allowing our employees to get involved. I had NO IDEA that anything like that would happen and I was slightly mortified when I saw one of our employees going on stage. I thought, "This can't be good!!!" But Scott and the band rolled with it. They saw that our group was really into it and allowed others to sing as well. Most bands would not have embraced the group's requests the way RiverTown Band did but I am truly thankful that they did! I also heard about a dance-off but I wasn't there for that. It sounds like it was a blast too! Our employees will definitely talk about that night for years to come!! Overall, the band is comprised of true professionals. Not only do they know more songs than anyone can imagine, their performance was fantastic and their ability to roll with the crowd is amazing!! I would recommend them to anyone and I know others would too!

- Dara

(Apr 26, 2017)

The RiverTown Band was AMAZING! Our guests loved every second! Scott, you guys really made the evening. Thank you for being part of the Ball again this year. Hope to see you soon.

- Cara

(Apr 22, 2017)

I wanted to thank you, Eric, and the entire Rivertown Band for all you did to make the Doyle Klingman wedding on 3/18/17 a very special event! Tom and Sarah are so happy about how everything came together to make both the service and the reception everything they had imagined for their big day, and the band played a major role in all of it. The music for the service was lovely, and reception music was amazing, as evidenced by the number of people on the dance floor throughout the evening! But what was just as terrific was the fact that the band made everything so seamless from the cocktail reception to the last dance of the night. People really appreciated being able to talk during the cocktail hour and dinner before the volume was turned up later for dancing. Also, your MC did a terrific job of orchestrating the evening in a low key way. It is really an art to get the right balance and your band did it perfectly. The whole evening flowed along beautifully. While it has taken me a while to finally send this note to you, I want you all to know we are deeply grateful to each and every member of the band. With great appreciation and best wishes,

- Penney

(Mar 18, 2017)

Omg that's all I can say. Ha ha ha. The Rivertown Band was AMAZING!! Start to finish. We could not have been more pleased. Again, the band was spectacular our guests can't stop talking about them!!' They made the wedding a real party!

- Carrie

(Mar 17, 2017)

It was wonderful. The band drew the people out onto the floor, And the night took off from there. Plus they are excellent musicians. The horn section was fantastic as well. Looking forward to attending future events. People are getting back to me to tell me when they have seen them elsewhere. Very memorable. Thank you again.

- Kathy

(Feb 09, 2017)

Everyone had such a great time! I think this will become an annual event for us with The Rivertown Band :) People haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had at the party. We really appreciate the band staying late, I know that wasn't planned but it is always a good sign when people don't want the party to end! Look forward to working with you guys again soon.

- Kristin

(Feb 01, 2017)

They were fantastic…  such good feedback from everyone.  If we have a band again next year… I’m booking them for sure!  I’ll be in touch.

- Kim G.

(Dec 10, 2016)

We had a fantastic time at our wedding thanks to the Rivertown Band. They were so talented, interactive & fun, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. We still have people telling us "I feel like I was at a concert" and "It was one of the best weddings we've ever been to, the band was awesome," we were so happy with how everything turned out. Scott and everyone in the band were so friendly and kind, they couldn't have been easier to work with!Thanks again for everything, well wishes included and we will look back and always remember what a great time we had at our wedding and the Rivertown band helped tremendously with making our night so memorable.

- Michaela and Corey

(Dec 03, 2016)

Rivertown Band is one of the wonders of the western world!   I was so happy with their performance I wish I could do another wedding!  They had my guests singing and dancing for hours.Many of the guests said it was the best band they have ever seen, they were that HOT.(I think the one good thing I did was include a horn section)Thank you so much Rivertown Band

- Elizabeth M.

(Nov 19, 2016)

I can't begin to tell you how amazing the band was Friday.  It has been years since we had guests still dancing and distracted staff that late and until the very end.  I had not had the opportunity to listen to The Rivertown Band thoroughly and was so excited when I did.We would so appreciate the opportunity to book with The Rivertown Band again for next year's party.  Please thank the band and thank you for helping make the evening memorable and fun for our members.

- Susan L.

(Oct 28, 2016)

This was without a doubt, the best wedding band that I have ever seen. Not only were they all great musicians, but they looked the part too; very professional but very cool. I have had more friends and family call me during this last week to tell me how great the whole wedding was but then go on and on about how great the band was. They completely nailed all three songs for the Father/Bride, Mother/Groom and First Dance which ranged from Country - Heartland's 'I Loved You First' , Jazz - Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World', and Soft Rock - Ed Sheeran 'Thinking Out Loud'. Their main set of songs was an awesome combination of the songs that we picked and a few mashups of songs in the same genre and era's. They seemed to really have taken the time to look at the song choices that we made and work off that to create just a spectacular show. The dance floor was packed the whole night and it was just a great atmosphere all around. I would strongly, strongly recommend this band for any wedding/event . Thank you so much RiverTown Band. You all really capped an amazing night. Sean

- Sean R

(Oct 22, 2016)

They were amazing.  Absolutely perfect! Everyone loved them.  I will absolutely recommend you.  

- Cheryl M.

(Oct 22, 2016)

We loved The Rivertown Band! Great energy, music and performance - our folks were dancing from the first song through the last. It was a perfect main band for our special evening. 

- Joe

(Oct 08, 2016)

Everything was SO great about our wedding. Everyone was on their feet the entire night, and even asked for an Encore come the night end! We had SOOOO much fun and the Rivertown Band did an INCREDIBLE job! Thank you, and please thank the band for us!!! 

- Nicole

(Sep 03, 2016)

We just wanted to thank you SO much for an absolutely amazing evening. You and your band truly made the night - you definitely kept everyone dancing and having so much fun all night. Your enthusiasm and energy was infectious, and you have such talent. All the guests told me how they loved you guys and I got many comments how it was the best band at a wedding they've ever heard. We totally agree with them - we were blown away with how great you guys were! Every song was so great. Your professionalism was incredibly impressive too.Thank you for everything (and dealing with my detailed emails/favourite songs!), and we were amazed you went right through the night without a break! Everything you did made our night extra special, so we can't thank you enough.

- Lisette

(May 28, 2016)

We want to thank the Rivertown Band SO much for an absolutely amazing evening. The band truly made the wedding - you definitely kept everyone dancing and having so much fun all night. Your enthusiasm and energy was infectious, and you have such talent. All the guests told me how they loved you guys and I got many comments how it was the best band at a wedding they've ever heard. We totally agree with them - we were blown away with how great you guys were! Every song was so great. Your professionalism was incredibly impressive too. Thank you for everything, and we loved the 'extra effort' touches like jumping into the crowd to get them dancing even more etc! Everything you did made our night extra special, so we can't thank you enough.


(May 28, 2016)

They were awesome! Super high energy, polite + easy to work with. The client was thrilled. We would not hesitate to recommend them highly + look forward to booking them for another client again soon!! 

- Becky

(May 14, 2016)

Steve, hope you're well. Scott and the band were absolutely amazing. This was the first time the venue had a band play, and they were floored about how well everything went!We could not have asked for a better experience. People kept coming up to us throughout the night asking where I found them, so I was definitely pitching EastCoast! Thank you for making it such a seamless, stress free process.

- Jack S.

(Mar 05, 2016)

I want to thank you, Leslie and the entire band for literally, "Making" Lilly and Harrison's wedding the best one ever !!You all were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I could rant on for hours about how amazing you all were. All my friends are talking about how they loved the band and had never seen a dance floor so crowded. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️♥️ Fondly,

- Melissa L.

(Feb 27, 2016)

HI Steve! We LOVE the RiverTown Band. They did an excellent job again this year.

- Jessica W.

(Feb 12, 2016)

Steve, we had a blast with the band. They were fantastic and exceeded our expectations. I received several comments from our associates about how much they enjoyed their performance.   If I have the opportunity to bring them to another corp event we will definitely be in touch.  Thanks so much!

- Aaron P.

(Feb 04, 2016)

They were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! We couldn’t thank you all enough! Everyone was so excited and OBSESSED! They are truly so entertaining and so talented.

- Ashley P.

(Nov 15, 2015)

John and I can not thank you enough for helping create a wedding for us that far exceeded our expectations. I truly could not have dreamt a more beautiful day. Because of your help and dedication, the seventh of November will forever be an incredible memory for the two of us.I wanted to personally thank you for your part in creating an evening that was unforgettable for both ourselves and our loved ones. Throughout the planning phase, you were the easiest vendor to work with - always responding to emails in a very timely manner and asking all of the right questions to eliminate any problems day of (Leslie was fantastic in addressing our concerns and guiding us through the pre-wedding process).Because of your expertise and professionalism, both my mother and I were able to rest assured that we had made the right decision and look forward to seeing you on the wedding day.Wow! You were beyond amazing! I never could have imagined how much fun we would have out on the dance floor with our family and friends as you played song after song from your extensive list. John and I especially loved your interaction with the crowd and your ability to really gauge the atmosphere. On that note - we really appreciate your patience with us and our guests as we joined you on the stage for much of the last set. Your entire team was nothing but professional and pleasant with us from beginning to end. We truly could not have had a better time!Every person I spoke to that evening (and since for that matter) has commented on how much they loved the band. Your energy and positive attitude was crucial to setting the tone for the evening. There are truly not enough words to describe how much we appreciate and are grateful for the wonderful experience we all had. On behalf of John and my entire family, please know that we could not have been more pleased.

- Elizabeth P.

(Nov 07, 2015)

Huge Success.  The wedding out at Birds of Prey was amazing.  Rivertown was great.  I have given your name and the bands name out to many people.  Scott, as well as the entire band, made the whole process so easy and such a pleasant experience.  I would recommend them hands down.  They are truly a band that you can use with so much confidence that they will perform over and above every expectation you may have.  The night was enjoyed by all!  I will send some pictures when I get them back.Thanks for the great recommendation.

- Beth H.

(Nov 07, 2015)

They were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! We couldn’t thank you all enough! Everyone was so excited and OBSESSED! They are truly so entertaining and so talented.

- Ashley P.

(Oct 30, 2015)

I wanted to write to you about Rivertown last night. I have had lots of experiences with lots of bands, and hands down they are the most respectful band that put on the best performance I've worked with to date. It's been amazing working with them - and I will recommend them time and again.I want to thank them for making the trip, and I can personally say how blown away all the guests were. Everyone was asking me the band's name!

- Megan C.

(Sep 26, 2015)

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you and your amazing team last night!  You all were so professional, easy to work with and FUN!!!  I'm so excited to add the band to our vendor referral list...

- Lauren M.

(Sep 12, 2015)

YOU ALL ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Wow, I cannot even begin to thank you for keeping our dance floor packed and ensuring all of our guests had an amazing time! I can tell you Ben and I had the BEST time!!!! Y'all have phenomenal vocals and were so interactive with the crowd! Everyone at the wedding told us how great our band was! The set list was perfection! We loved how you transitioned through the different songs!!! I will be recommending you to everyone I know who is planning a wedding or large event!!!! I cannot thank you enough for everything you all did to set the tone for the evening!! WE LOVE RIVERTOWN BAND!!!!!!!!

- Morgan and Ben M.

(Sep 12, 2015)

I just wanted to let you know that the band was terrific.  There were so many people on the dance floor all night that we really should have arranged for a bigger dance floor. Scott Coleman and his fellow musicians were very professional and extremely entertaining.  The vocals and music were beyond belief.  I must have been asked about the band 100 times.  As one person put it, “you could have had this reception in a shed and the band would have made it a wonderful event.”

- Doug M.

(Sep 12, 2015)

Thanks so much for reaching out. The band was absolutely amazing and all that we hoped for. Everything went very smooth. Lots of compliments from friends and family that attended saying the band was the best they have ever seen at a wedding. Thanks again for all that you guys do. You made our day very special.

- Kyle B.

(Jul 25, 2015)

Thank you so much for following up with me. The Rivertown band OVER exceeded our expectations at our wedding. The band members truly made our wedding day so special and the guests could not have raved more about the song choices and how amazing they sounded. My vision for that day was to have the best party people have been to for the year and to not only get married but for everyone to enjoy themselves together. I feel the band is primarily responsible for making this happen and bringing all ages of people together to celebrate on the dance floor. The band adjusted to our timeline perfectly as well, I found out the next day that our dinner time went over and the band accomdated for the time delay and instead of taking their break they played straight through so we wouldn't lose anymore dance time. I would like to thank Scott especially for learning our first dance song and the father daughter song, it was just perfect! Everyone two weeks later are still raving about the band and said it was one of their favorite things about our wedding. From the ceremony music, to the cocktail music, to the reception we wouldn't have changed ANYTHING!! Thank you so much for making our day perfect! We will certainly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

- Kellie & Ryan C.

(Jul 18, 2015)

The band did a great job for my client's wedding reception! The music was great quality, the vocals were awesome, and the band did a good job of engaging the crowd. It was also a pleasure working with Leslie on the logistics leading up to the wedding day! I know my client's are extremely happy with the band's performance, and I thank you for making the reception so much fun!

- Beth B.

(Jun 28, 2015)

We cannot say enough good things about The Rivertown Band! They were an amazing addition to our wedding that I am so incredibly happy we decided to add. They made our wedding. We had multiple guests come up to us and say that was the best wedding they have ever been to and I fully believe it was because of The Rivertown Band. They are worth every penny! The band played all excellent songs, had great dance moves, and kept everyone dancing. We even decided to extend because we didn't want them to leave. Thank you again Rivertown Band! You were awesome!!

- Kathleen & Steve

(May 24, 2015)

Rick, we had an awesome time and the band was a key contributor to a wonderful night. Their play list and interaction with the party attendants was just great. We could not be more satisfied with their performance. Glad they will be playing at Johns Island on New Years and at the Vero Beach Museum 30th anniversary Gala the end of January (my wife is the event Chairwoman).

- Dennis F.

(Apr 17, 2015)

BEST BAND EVER!! These guys are AMAZING! If they are available for your date book them - don't even hesitate. All of our guests had a great time and were dancing the entire night. They played all the most popular hits and then did fun 70s, 80s and country sets as well. I didn't want the night to end. They sounded incredible and were so full of energy - I wish I could have them every weekend!!!

- Erica D.

(Mar 28, 2015)

I want to send a huge thank you to you and the Rivertown band for an amazing job at our wedding.  Out of all the choices we made, Lou and I couldn't have been more happy with our decision to hire the Rivertown band.  It's true what your reviews say, every guest kept saying how great you were!  We received countless compliments on the dynamic and how you constantly kept going without a break.  We are so thankful we found you and please know you will be in our memories of that beautiful day forever!!  I will make sure to provide our feedback on wedding websites for future bride and grooms!  I would be delighted for future couple to reach out so I could provide my feedback too.

- Stephanie and Lou S.

(Feb 21, 2015)

Having a band at our wedding was a must!! The planning process was filled with so many trips to bars and festivals to listen to potential bands. We were not satisfied with what we heard and were really discouraged. The RiverTown Band was mentioned and we loved their promo videos and their song list. To be honest, we were very hesitant to book the band without actually watching them. They only book private events and weddings, because they are THAT good!! It's an investment and you want to be sure. I can't even shout this loud enough...BOOK THEM!!! You will not be disappointed and all your guests will be saying "This is the best band ever!" Our guests were on the dance floor all night! We let the band take control of the song list and they played everything! They are seriously so talented and you will be so happy! They were the true highlight to our reception and they kept playing music all night long and were interactive with the crowd. They brought us up on stage and we were ready to sing! Such a wonderful and fun moment, we will never ever forget! It was such a pleasure working with Leslie and Scott through the entire planning process. They were so helpful! I want to thank everyone in the band and tell everyone to book The RiverTown Band for your wedding!!! It's more than worth it!

- Stephanie

(Feb 15, 2015)

Rivertown was more than we could have ever hoped for! We have already had a lot of feedback from our guests that they were the best band they've ever heard at a wedding. I am in the airport leaving for our honeymoon, but I'd love to provide additional feedback once I get back. I cannot recommend them enough and I feel soy my that we were able to work with such wonderful people. Scott and the band truly made our wedding a memorable and successful event that we will never forget.

- Allison K.

(Feb 07, 2015)

Rick, you beat me to it! The Rivertown Band was fantastic!They played to the audience, had tons of enthusiasm and no shortage of talent.  We received many compliments and many inquiries. We hope to see them back in Vero soon.  It was a pleasure working with both you and them.

- Vicki A.

(Dec 31, 2014)

Thanks for your email. Yes, everything was just fantastic with them and hope we can have them back at our next event!!

- Hannah E.

(Dec 12, 2014)

River Town Bank is the GREATEST  band! They are amazing and their overall performance is outstanding. They are very professional and easy going.  I first saw them at a large Shands charity event and they had everyone dancing. After seeing them at that event, my husband and I set our wedding date on a Friday instead of a Saturday just so they could play at our wedding (based on their availability). It is the best decision we made for our wedding, everyone danced, even people that never dance at weddings. Scott did an wonderful job MCing the reception. Our guest said it was the smoothest, best timed reception.I would not do anything differently. I am glad I spent the money on the 10 piece band.The band never took a break so that kept everyone dancing and the guest did not leave the reception early.  Also, they learned our favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Alexandra M.

(Sep 27, 2014)

Scott, You, your staff, and band members are the easiest, most reliable, professional, and smartest group I worked with when planning and during our wedding. Thank you for making our wedding spectacular! You did an amazing job. We are so happy with our decision of a Friday wedding, just so you could play. You are true entertainers.Every band member was amazingly accommodating and kind to us.Thank you so much!! Please use me as a referral for you!!! I give you an 11 out of 10!Thank you a billions times!!

- Alexandria S.

(Sep 26, 2014)

Our company is still talking about the party and how well the band did and thought the lead singers where amazing.  Just outstanding job and a great night to remember.  Hopefully we set the bar for the rest of your party groups.  Us Ken's folk like to party and want to be known as a awesome group.Feel free to us me as a reference, upon request.  I would have no problem telling people that they are missing out if they do not hire you for their event.Thanks again and good luck until we see each other again,

- Jim S.

(Sep 19, 2014)

Rivertown were absolutely awesome! I have never seen some of our family members dance and get into the music like that night. Lots of memories! They were the nicest and not to mention coolest band. Thank you for all your help! It was unforgettable. 

- Kristian H.

(Jun 14, 2014)

In a word AWESOME. Have never, never worked with a more professional and respectful band. They truly played to the crowd...I will want to use them again.Thanks for all of your help.

- Tricia W.

(May 31, 2014)

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVED The Rivertown Band for my daughter Page's wedding at Pebble Hill on May 31st. They were awesome and I would highly recommend them. They were very engaging and our guests fed off of that! Thanks so much to you and Tricia.

- Hayley and Tom P.

(May 31, 2014)

OMG! THIS BAND IS INCREDIBLE AND COMPLETELY ROCKED MY WEDDING! Sorry for the all caps but I had to get that point across. During my reception, everyone kept coming up to me asking me where did I find this amazing band????? Rivertown Band absolutely killed it!! I was so impressed by the musicianship and quality vocalists this band has. The room was perfectly balanced! Everyone had the best time and dancing which was my#1 goal besides getting married. My parents were raving!!! Everyone was raving!! They even let me come on stage and sing with them! They had fun crowd interactions and never slowed down the beat of the party! We had such a wonderful night and Rivertown was instrumental in making it so memorable! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! We also hired their guitarist for our ceremony who was super talented and fun to work with. He knew every song I asked him to play and was fun to work with.One other major thing to note. During the planning process- Scott was super quick to respond and offer advice or recommendations which I valued a lot. He was super professional and helpful. Everyone about working with this band was seamless. I cannot recommend them enough!

- Jaimi

(May 03, 2014)

When I started wedding planning, I had very few things that really mattered to me. 1. Getting married 2. There was a great band for our reception! We blew it out of the water with The Rivertown Band!!!! We used a trio that played during our cocktail hour which was held outside. Once dinner started, they played music that was a great background and they also played our first dances (my husband and I, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son). Once it was time for some dancing, everyone was ready for an awesome time and the band delivered! Our family and friends don’t really need much coaxing to get out on the dance floor, but the dance floor was absolutely packed as soon as the dancing started and it never stopped until the reception was over. They were great about reading the crowd and overall did a phenomenal job. I had several people ask who they were and where we found them, so hopefully we will be seeing them again at some future weddings!

- L. Walenciak

(Mar 01, 2014)

This band was so AWESOME!!!!! Our guests had such a good time and Tim and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I really wish we could have had the party last all night long, so worth every penny! We also asked the band to learn our first dance for us. The song is actually from a European artist and we decided to do a coordinated dance to it. We were nervous about how everything would fall together, on the day of though, it was amazing!! The song they learned for us was perfect and truly made our day even more special!!Highly recommend to anyone who is getting married and wants to make sure that their reception is one to be remembered!!!!!!

- Michele B.

(Nov 13, 2013)

I photographed the Bright/Muston Wedding at the Epping Forest Yacht Club on Oct 12 of this past year and you guys were playing and were unreal. Would LOVE to have you come play my wedding on Kiawah Island, SC on June 7th. PLEASE SAY YOU ARE AVAILABLE!! Look forward to hearing back from you! Thank you!

- Bette

(Oct 12, 2013)

Your guys rocked it, everyone was loving it and dancing the whole time - really enjoyed it!! Thank you!! We were all talking that you are the best band we have heard at any of our weddings and I really hope we get to work together in the future!!

- Amanda

(Sep 12, 2013)

Love Love Loved you guys!! Since you performed at my Jacksonville’s Finest event on June 22nd, I have been flooded with calls of people that would like to have your band perform!  You did a fantastic job!You were wonderful to work with and managed to keep people on the dance floor all evening. That's a great thing!!!

- Lynn

(Jun 24, 2013)

The river town band exceeded our expectations, they kept the party going and played great music. People are still raving about how great the band was at our wedding.

- Lauren

(Jun 13, 2013)

From the get-go, I knew I wanted a band to play at our wedding…it took Steven a while to get on board, but once we started looking around for one, he was hooked. I soon became discouraged after spending hours looking through pages and pages of bands. Thankfully, Steven had more patience than I did and continued to search for the perfect band. Once he found a few that he liked, we sat down and listened to them. Immediately, I fell in love with The Rivertown Band and we quickly contacted them in the hopes of them being available for our wedding, as well as willing to drive 5+ hours. Thankfully, they were available and more than happy to drive. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to begin working with them. Scott was so easy to work with, and he was always quick to respond to emails. He helped us to stay on top of things in regards to the music part of the reception and wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly from the time we walked in to the time we left. They were AMAZING and were everything we imagined and more! They really out did themselves, and we had so many compliments about them…everyone LOVED y’all! I wish we could throw another wedding just so we could have them come back and play again. I really cannot describe how remarkable this band is…they’re voices are amazing, their song choices were perfect for what we envisioned our reception to be like, and they interacted with the crowd. I love how they came onto the dance floor and joined in with us, while they continued to sing. They also let us come up on stage and sing a couple of songs with them…so much fun!! As mention before, I am more than happy with our choice of band and I could not imagine not having them at our wedding. Thank you again for all y'alls hard work. Y'all were truly amazing to work with and made the experience so fun and exciting. Hope we will get to see y'all again in the future!!

- Markie

(Jun 02, 2013)

Thank you again for the FANTASTIC job you did at our wedding!!!  You really made it a special and FUN night for everyone!  You guys rock!

- Gretchen

(May 03, 2013)

I am so happy to have worked with you at my wedding! You guys were great. I really appreciate the band literally rolling with the punches and setting up in a different location at the last minute to make my outdoor wedding a reality! It worked out perfectly and I'm really glad that I stuck with my gut feeling that it would NOT rain during and after the ceremony. Our guests have been raving about how great you guys sounded and how much fun they had dancing. Even though the dance floor was wet from rain earlier in the day, that did not stop our guests from dancing nonstop! I really enjoyed working with Scott in the months before to make sure everything was just the way we wanted. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know having any kind of party in the Jacksonville area.

- Lindsay O.

(Oct 12, 2012)

It was SUCH  a pleasure working with you and the rest of the band. I actually took a few business cards because I really enjoyed you all so much. Bands are sometimes the hardest thing for me to refer to brides because I feel like we don't have a ton of good bands locally. I was very impressed with all of your talent and especially how easy it was working with you as well. I am good friends with Ashley and Greg (the photographers) and we kept saying how we hope more brides book you. I will most certainly get your name out there and refer you to any brides I can! Please let me know if you should need anything; look forward to working with you again!

- Jessica R.

(May 12, 2012)

Incredible....the highlight of our wedding in St Augustine. Minus a brief intermission, they played for 2.5 hours without interruption. A great mix of classics and new stuff, they kept the dance floor packed until the last song. Versatile, talented, and energetic. Their version of our first dance, learned specifically for our wedding, was beautiful. Timely with songs used from our iPod. Highly recommended for your wedding or any event. Scott was accomodating, communicative and very helpful with recommendations. These guys know how to entertain and are well-worth the money.We absolutely LOVED you guys! There are not enough words to describe how much we appreciate everything! It was a dream to work with you and you went above and beyond. Every last guest said that you were one of the best bands they had ever heard playing at a wedding and that you had totally made the evening! The ability to read the crowd was amazing... no micromanagement needed here at all, which is such a great thing when there's so much else going on! I have no complaints at all about you guys... fabulous from first contact to last song! Only wish we could have gone longer!

- Maggie

(Apr 22, 2012)

The Rivertown Band was extremely accommodating for our wedding reception. We met with Scott and he talked with us at length about exactly how we wanted everything to go. The band kept everyone engaged and entertained throughout the evening. They entertained the crowd that was there, and didn't just play a pre-established routine. Most importantly, they sounded GREAT and were a lot of fun! The Rivertown Band were a huge part of a successful reception and everyone complimented us on how good the band was. Our wedding venue even mentioned that they would start recommending the band to future clients!

- Michael

(Apr 12, 2012)

We thank you for your support of the Rotaract Club of Florida's First Coast's ninth annual Black Tie and Blue Jeans Gala.  Your performance was very much enjoyed by the guests at the Gala.  Thanks to the kindness of our vendors, including you, we were able to give a donation of over $23,000 to the Morning Star School.  We hope to work with your band again in the future.

- Laura W. and Tia N.

(Jan 31, 2010)

The RiverTown Band was everything and more than we could have hoped for.  Their true, raw talent and energy surpassed any expectations we had, but it was their engagement to our group that made them perfect.  They listened to what we wanted for the event and made it happen.  Our group loved them from the minute they started playing and we didn't want the party to end.  I would recommend them to anyone for their talent, kindness, energy and obvious passion for music.  They were a delight to work with and am so very hopeful that we will be able to use them in the future.  The RiverTown Band ROCKS!

- Skip F.

The Rivertown Band did not "Just" play and sing music, they orchestrated the tone of our event which gave the guests and my husband and I an experience of a lifetime! I'm from Nashville TN so I'm very picky about live music - I really didn't expect to receive a big city performance experience from a local Jacksonville band, these guys could easily go pro-recording to a lable if they wanted too. I can't imagine what else they could have done to top the performance that they gave! Equipment to talent these guys were on their game!

- Christy L.

When my wife Brittany and I were looking for a band to perform at our wedding, we were looking for top of the line musicians who understood the importance of the evening. RiverTown was a perfect fit from start to finish. They played a great variety of songs that had the people on there feet and dancing whether it was fast or slow. Our night just wouldn't have been the same without this excellent band!

- Taylor M.

We hired the RiverTown Band for our wedding two years ago and they were great. They played the songs we wanted, opened with a nice jazzy instrumental for the first 30 minutes so our guests could talk and get food and drinks without dance music happening. Then they played some great dance music. Fun was had by all. I would highly recommend using the RiverTown band for your next party.

- Matt K.

We had the pleasure of having the River Town Band perform at my daughters debutante party this past December. We began working with them in the fall selecting songs and giving them our requests in which they gladly learned for our party. The band played all types of music for our guest to enjoy. Compliments about the band were positive by those who were there. The girls along with our guest had a wonderful time singing and dancing the night away. I would encourage anyone who is looking to hire a band for their special occasion to look no farther than here.

- Lilli B.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we wanted a band that would fit our personality. The first time we heard The River Town Band, we knew they were perfect for our special day. The River Town Band was amazing to work with, and they catered to our every need. Plus, our guest LOVED them! They were perfect for our guests, and played music that fit every age group. We would highly recommend using The River Town Band at your next event.

- Reed and Michelle M.

I spent quite a bit of time searching for a band to perform at my daughter's wedding.  I was looking for a band that could play music that was familiar to guests from ages 16 to 60.  I wanted a band that could keep the party alive, but also make announcements at the appropriate time (wedding party arrival, cake cutting, etc).  I was not satisfied with the options locally in Tallahassee, and began an Internet search.  After reviewing hours of band clips on the Internet, I selected The Rivertown Band.  I was a bit nervous choosing a band from out of town, and one I had not seen perform live.  However, I could not have made a better selection.My wife and I drove to Jacksonville and met with Scott Coleman, the band leader.  We were immediately put at ease by his relaxed demeanor and flexibility.  We hired the band on the spot.  Thereafter, I exchanged a few emails with Scott  and had a couple of conversations with him.  He made suggestions along the way that were very helpful.On the wedding day, my biggest fear was that one of the vendors (bartender, photographer, videographer, band) was not going to show up.  However, everything fell into place.  The band arrived early and began setting up.  They brought all the lights and sound with them.  Each band member was cheerful and happy to be there.  Their professionalism was evident.  Not only were they great musicians, but they were comfortable in the setting.  The band played the right mix of music to keep the party going, interacted with the guests (including getting me on stage with sunglasses and other props), and knew when and how to conduct the traditional portions of the reception (bouquet/garter toss etc) in an exciting manner.   One of the most emotionally moving portions of the reception was the daddy/daughter dance.  At my request, the band learned a special song ("Stealing Cinderella) and performed it perfectly, bringing many of the guests to happy tears.  The Rivertown Band exceeded my expectations. The band members work well together, were completely in sync, and their enthusiasm was contagious. Guests who attended the reception continue to comment to me about the fun they had with The Rivertown Band.  I highly recommend The Rivertown Band.  They are reliable, experienced, enthusiastic and great musicians.  They provide a fun time for all ages and make the event a memorable one.  When the next of my remaining three daughters gets married, I will again be calling on The Rivertown Band.

- Chris C.

AMAZING! Here is our review from Wedding Wire: We feel SO lucky to have found The RiverTown Band for our wedding! Before hearing about The RiverTown Band we had originally booked a different band for our wedding. We signed the contract with the other band & placed a deposit about 6 months prior to our wedding date. As our wedding got closer & closer we realized we had made a mistake. The band we had previously hired was not returning our emails or our Wedding Planner's emails & up to 3 months before the wedding they still had not provided us with a set list (which we had requested multiple times). At about this time our Wedding Planner gave us our options: Stick with our current band and hope for the best (and keep our fingers crossed they show up & actually play music we like) OR forfeit our deposit to book the RiverTown Band. Our wedding planner HIGHLY recommended The RiverTown Band and advised us to research them online. After checking out their website & reviewing their set list (which was readily available to us & included all of our favorite songs) we decided to make the switch. WE ARE SO GLAD WE DID! BEST DECISION WE MADE! The RiverTown Band were EVERYTHING you would want from a wedding band & more! They were extremely professional, easy going, and SO MUCH FUN! They made the Reception a party- which is exactly what we wanted. Everyone was up & about dancing throughout the night! Our favorite part was the surprise Karaoke session at the end of the night. Such a blast! Thank you RiverTown Band for making our wedding the best night of our lives! Thank you again for everything! You truly made our Reception amazing and as my mom said "made the rain go away". We had the BEST time and we had tons of guests tell us you were the best wedding band they had ever seen. We can't thank you enough for making it a party everyone will always remember.

- Chelsea & John

YOU, OF COURSE, ROCK!  I cannot begin to tell you of the overwhelming response we had to The RiverTown Band!   It struck me that the reason you get the kind of response you do is because the band entertains rather than performs.  There is a big difference.   From audience participation to the performance of "Thriller" to some Garth in the house, our guests were blown away!  It is so refreshing to work with consummate professionals.Saturday morning, I cranked up some Four Seasons "Oh, What a Night" as my "music to get ready to work by."   Thanks y'all for helping make our campaign kickoff party a success and creating a celebratory atmosphere that will surely be a topic around the water cooler this morning.

- Frances B.

The band was awesome and made for a fabulous night! Lots of dancing and smiles . Thanks for being so flexible and working with us! I will recommend you to everyone - lots of people asking about the band!!! Give my thanks again to the band and everyone involved!

- Michele

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