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Styled after the worldwide theatrical success “Stomp,” Rhythm Extreme takes the popular appeal of percussion performances one step further to create a truly innovative theatrical event. We are a fun, flexible, affordable entertainment solution for any corporate audience.

The first question that we’re often asked by our clients is, “Can Rhythm Extreme customize the show to feature our product?” Our answer is always an unqualified, “Of course!”

Part of the reason that Rhythm Extreme has been so successful is our flexibility. Every show is created from scratch and is uniquely designed to meet your needs. You can specify the length of the show, the frequency of appearances and the integration of narration, supporting media or audience interaction. And each show is customized to highlight your event theme and/or product line. You pay nothing extra to see your own products or business environment turned into a rhythmic extravaganza.

Over the past four years, we’ve created rhythms with BBQ grills, forks and spoons, surgical equipment, computer keyboards, hockey sticks, prescription bottles, basketballs, pizza pans, car parts, brief cases, geriatric walkers, a Ryder van, and even bags of potato chips!

If you’ve got it, we can make noise with it. In fact, we can make a huge variety of interesting sounds with just about anything. Whether you want a short ten-minute meeting opener or a full-length hour-long show, Rhythm Extreme delivers the perfect performance designed just for you.

Here’s how the process works: Once a show has been contracted, a conversation takes place between you, (your client if desired), and the show’s choreographer. This conversation answers questions about show flow, product placement, costuming, length and times of rehearsal, and any special technical issues. From there, we choreograph a show to meet all of your needs.

On show day, the cast requires a complete on stage rehearsal to pin down blocking as well as a full a technical run-through for your production crew. This rehearsal/tech run-through typically requires two to four hours, depending upon the length of the show. If the performance takes place in the morning, the rehearsal will be scheduled for the day prior.

During the performance itself there’s nothing left for you to do but sit back and enjoy the show — and the complements of your guests. Rhythm Extreme is guaranteed to make your next event a slam-bang success!

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