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Partygoers find this explosive, high-energy cover-band irresistible when they start playing favorites from the 1980’s and more. Retro Vertigo taps into its members’ history of quality musicianship and showmanship to bring the most colorful music from the ’80s back to life.

What makes Retro Vertigo stand above other local bands? They’ve taken their stage show to a whole new level. In addition to being some of the best musicians around, they entertain crowds with:

  • Professional break dancing: Watch their bassist, “Rippin’ Richie” bust some serious moves on stage – ’80s style.
  • Large screen video: Watch your favorite images from the 80’s as the band plays. Even intermission is fun when they show cult classic music videos from the ’80s.
  • Sounding like the real thing! Some bands take shortcuts with their sound, but Retro Vertigo plays it like you remember it!

With a solid fan base that continues to grow, Retro Vertigo will fill the hall with people ready to have a good time listening to songs from the decade of Ferris Bueller, the Breakfast Club, and MTV.

RetroVertigo – Professional and dependable entertainment that will make you remember when rock ‘n roll was fun!

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