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Size & Elements:

3 Piece: Guitar/Lead Vocals, Bass/Lead Vocals, Drums/Lead Vocals. Available Add-Ons: Female Vocalist.

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artist bio:

The musicians from the hit party band Vinyl Headlights are givin’ mad props to the music and popular culture of the 1990s in a super sweet, hella bangin’ kinda way. You couldn’t get more ’90s if you were listening to a Will Smith album on your CD player while rewinding the VCR so you could watch Space Jam one more time.

Combining national recording talent with private event know-how and ego-free professionalism, the musicians of Reality Bites Back smash the cheesy cover band mold. The “nicest-guys-in-the-party-business” draw from a vast repertoire including hits from the worlds of rock, pop, dance, hip hop, and of course ’90s alt rock. This band can customize a high-energy performance with enough musical variety to keep all your guests entertained.

Their flexibility, professionalism, and attention to detail make working with the band a stress-free experience for the veteran event planner or the first-time client. Inquire today to party with Reality Bites Back at your next event!

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