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8 Piece Band: 3 Lead Vocalists (1 male, 2 female), Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, 1 Horn. Available Add-Ons: 1-2 Horns

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Philly’s Finest provides a high-energy, non-stop show that is guaranteed to have you and your guests on your feet all night long! From top notch choreography to exceptional musicianship, they perform with constant passion and excitement from start to finish.

The band is composed of carefully selected and talented individuals who are masters in the art of entertainment and have shared the stage, and recorded, with some of the best entertainers around the world including Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Usher, and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. They have the capacity, range, and versatility to perform any genre at the highest level, and their customer service is nothing short of excellent.

Experience just one event with this band and you will understand why they are considered Philly’s Finest !

*Please request additional video footage from your agent.

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Entertainment so memorable that hundreds of people are still cheering from the stands.

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