What a wonderfully talented group! Thank you so much for a great evening of entertainment...we will definitely be using you again in the future!

-Barbara B.-

Event Planner
Jan 26, 2019

Thank you for helping us out during the planning of this event. With all that I had to put together, it was very helpful that you gave me suggestions to fit the type of event we hosted. We don’t often host events, but if we do in the future, I will be sure to contact you again. And if I know of anyone looking for an artist I will give them your contact info. Thanks for being so helpful and prompt with your replies!

Pamela was great, and she made sure our main concern about volume was under control. She has a lovely voice and the pianist with her made a great combo as well. She said she was playing around Asheville soon and I may have to check that out. Our guests also commented on her music and performance and thought it was great for our venue. She did exceed our expectations for sure!


Corporate Event
Sep 29, 2016