Bluegrass Covers

Allman Brothers Band -
Louisiana Lou
Bob Dylan - Tonight I'm Staying Here with You
The Cars - Just what I needed
Cat Stevens - Trouble
Devo - Whip It
Fatz Domino - I'm Walkin'
Gordon Lightfoot - You are what I am
Howard Jones - Do You Feel Scared
INXS - Never Tear us Apart
John Hartford - Steam Powered Aereoplane
Leonard Cohen - Diamonds in the Mine
Michael Martin Murphy/Special Consensus - Carolina in the Pines
Peter Rowan - Midnight Moonlight
Pixies - Where is my Mind
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
REM – Catapult
Stevie Wonder - Pretty Girl with Ebony Eyes
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Talking Heads - Naïve Melody
Velvet Underground - Waiting on My Man
Violent Femmes - American Music
Violent Femmes - Jesus Walkin' on the Water
8 more miles to Louisville
9 pound hammer
Ain't gonna work tomorrow
Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Are You Tired of Me?
Big Spike Hammer
Blue Night
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Fox on the Run
Home is Where the Heart is
How Mountain Girls can Love
I'll Sail My Ship Alone
I'll Stay Around
I'm Goin' to the Races
I've waited as long as I can
In the Pines
Little Maggie
Live and Let Live
Man of Constant Sorrow
Mountain Dew
Nelly Cane
On and On
Pig in a Pen
Police Man
Ridin' on that Midnight Train
Rocky Top
Shady Grove [major version]
She's No Angel
Stone Walls and Steel Bars
Tell it to Me
The Old Home Place
The Sunny Side of Life [Am]
Thunder Clouds of Love
Toy Heart
Uncle Pen
You Better Get Right 
Your Love is like a Flower


Angeline the Baker [D]
Beaumont Rag [C]
Big Sciota [G]
Bill Cheatham [A]
Billy in the Lowground [C]
Black Mountain Rag [C]
Blackberry Blossom [G]
Boys them Buzzards are Flyin' [A]
Chinkapin Hunting [A]
Clinch Mountain Backstep [A]
DeBuke [D]
Fisher's Hornpipe [D]
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Goldrush [A]
Indian Ate the Woodchuck
Jerry's Farewell [D]
Old Joe Clark [A]
Overgrown Waltz: Bela Fleck
Rebecca [B]
Red Haired Boy [A]
Ride the Wild Turkey [A]
Roanoke [G]
Salt Creek [A]
Shenandoah Breakdown [A]
Shove that Pig Foot Further Into the Fire
Soldier's Joy [A]
The Big Mon [A]
Whiskey Before Breakfast [D]

Bluegrass Gospel Songs

(Sinner) You Better Get Ready [A]
Cold Jordan [G]
I Wonder How John Felt [Bb mod to C]
Old Camp Meeting Time [G]
Somebody Touched Me [G]
Talk it all Over with Him [A]
The Gospel Plow
The Great Atomic Power [B]
There's Somethin' goin on (In the Graveyard) [B]
This World Can't Stand Long [Eb]
You Don't Knock [F]

Originals Packway Handle Songs

A Little Something
All the Time in the World [G]
Am [Shadow Syndrome]
Big Red
Breathing Room
Cold Water
Cornpone Refugee
Cryin Sorrows [C]
Get Us Stoned
Go On Get Up
Gravity Won't Fail
Horse vs Technology [G] - Instrumental
Inverted Umbrella Parachute [D]
Jim 316
Josie [B]
Locked Up On New Year's Day
Lord Baltimore
Love Brings Everybody Down
Mac the Weatherman [A]
Milk Thistle [D] - Instrumental
Nicotine and Arsenic
Not A Song
Not Like Me
Off My Knees
River Delta [D]
Satan's in Space [D, mod to E]
Shelva Ann [Dm]
Short Mountain - Instrumental
Strangers [Am]
Strap that Leather Down -Instrumental
The River Delta
The Story
Throw Away the Key[G7]
Tossin & Turnin' [I'm so Tired][E]
Tossin' the Beefcake [D]- Instrumental
Totz Kentucky [F]
Tuggin' @ the Corn - Instrumental
Until I get Caught [Whiskey Song] [G]
Walking Away
Walking Disaster
What is a Packway Handle?
Who Do You Think You Are?
Wish I Hadn't Done It